A Portlander-Miamian

I moved to Miami for work a year and a half ago from Oregon, where I grew up and went to college. I’m definitely a West Coast guy and love the city of Portland, but I have come to really love the city of Miami and my time living down here. Besides the natural beauty and weather there are many opportunities to engage in very rich experiences, especially with the numerous cultures that flourish in the Miami-area. I will admit I still have a number of frustrations and pet-peeves about the city, but I certainly don’t think they define this city. While I’m pretty sure I will move back to the West Coast in a few years, I plan to enjoy and take advantage of being a citizen of Miami until then.

I envision this blog being an opportunity to share my experiences in Miami and hopefully be a resource for my friends and people who are moving to Miami, just are planning to visit, or live here already and want to experience more of the city. I want to focus mainly on restaurants (I’ll make sure to highlight the gluten-free options in Miami!), sights, and organizations I come across and enjoy, along with general Miami information. Help to put a Miami Bucket list of sorts online. I also love traveling so posts about places outside Miami and Florida might pop up, as well as random posts about books, movies, recipes, etc that I might want to share. I’d love to travel the world writing about my experiences, but will focus right now on seeing and doing as much as I can in Miami and South Florida.

Any suggestions about places and things to eat, go, do in Miami are always welcome, as well as any feedback or comments! I especially want to try all the different Latin foods in Miami and I already have some favorite restaurants for some, but especially send me your top _______ian restaurants suggestions!

-A Portlander-Miamian

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