Omni Neighborhood Spotlight

I live in the Omni neighborhood of Miami, off Biscayne Blvd just north of downtown and the 395, which some consider inside or close to the Midtown neighborhood. The best asset of the neighborhood is that it sits along Pace Park and Biscayne Bay and is right next to the Venetian Causeway. There are always tons of people out using Pace Park- playing basketball, soccer, doing yoga, volleyball, tennis, and working out. There also are several food trucks parked along the park on a lot of nights. The Venetian Causeway starts along the southern end of Omni and is not only a great alternative way to get to South Beach, but also is great for going on runs through the Venetian Islands.

A lot of new restaurants have opened in the neighborhood and a new Publix grocery store is about to open on Biscayne Blvd, which takes care of one of the few downsides to the neighborhood. Just west of our neighborhood is the Arts District with many art galleries and is home to Art Walk where many galleries are open to the public and have free food and drinks. The Midtown Miami complex with a Target and more restaurants is about 10 blocks north and the Design District, with some of the best restaurants in Miami and several designer shops, is just beyond that. South of the neighborhood within walking distance there is American Airlines Arena and Museum Park, where they are building the new Miami Art Museum and Miami Science Museum that will open in a few years. Since the neighborhood is close to the 95 and between the 195 and 395 it’s pretty easy to get on the freeway quickly and is less than 10 minutes to get to Brickell and South Beach.

I feel very safe in my neighborhood. The buildings on Bayshore Dr along the park that I am familiar with have great security and the police have a noticeable presence in the neighborhood. There are tons of people out in the neighborhood, even at night using the park and eating at restaurants. Most of the buildings on Bayshore Dr are newer buildings with a lot of amenities- like a front desk/concierge, large pools, gyms, and a lot of security. Up Biscayne and in the 20s there are buildings like these, as well as newer smaller buildings that have a small pool and gym and possibly someone at the desk/security part of the time. Then sprinkled throughout are some older low-rise apartment buildings that are very basic with little amenities.

The one downside to the neighborhood (now that Publix grocery is opening across the street) is the lack of nightlife within walking distance. There are bars/clubs within a five minutes taxi ride in downtown and Midtown and plenty in South Beach and Brickell 10 minutes away. I definitely think Omni can’t be beat during the week when there is so much to take advantage of outside and a good amount of restaurants. I think it makes it worth the tradeoff of having to take a cab out on the weekends. Hopefully though a couple more bars will open up close by soon and I could definitely see that happening because I feel the neighborhood has a lot of buzz and momentum right now.

Pace Park and Biscayne Bay
Cite on the Bay (foreground) and Quantum By the Bay
Trinity Lutheran Church

Venetian Causeway

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