American Airlines Arena Gluten-Free Stand

Last Sunday I went to the Heat-Bulls game and was very excited to stumble upon a gluten-free concession stand at American Airlines Arena! They have nachos (I’m assuming the chili in the regular nachos have wheat in them), Redbridge gluten-free beer, a variety of snacks (like seeds and fruit bars), and the best are the hot dogs with the gluten free buns!

I got one of the hot dogs and the bun was really good, especially for being gluten-free. It wasn’t dry and was “fluffy” like regular hot dog buns. It was great to be able to have a hot dog at the game and not have to have it plain. Given my excitement about the gluten-free stand I might have gone a bit overboard because I also tried the nachos. They were your standard arena nachos- nothing special- and are just like the regular nachos at AAA, except I’m assuming the chili in the regular nachos are not gluten free.

The gluten-free stand was just outside our gate and I’m really glad I discovered it! I’d look out for it at other events at AAA too. For those of you outside Miami the company who does the food at AAA also has these stands in other cities (check out the list of venues and the full menu here-

I would also recommend attending a Heat game in general. Lebron, Wade, and Bosh usually have some pretty exciting plays to see in person. I also feel like Heat games are one of the things that help me feel more apart of Miami and not just “living” here for a few years. Miamians are proud of their Heat (certainly right now when they are winning) and it’s pretty easy to get into the excitement of the games, especially with a lot of pretty sick plays seen often from the Heat that gets the entire arena pumped up.

UPDATE: When I went to a game in March 2013 and they no longer had hot dogs at the gluten-free stands… but they did have a variety of sandwiches similar to the options at Marlins Stadium (see post here). I got a grilled chicken sandwich that was pretty good. Luckily now (as of December 2013) they are back to having hot dogs. The gluten-free stand unfortunately is no longer listed on the maps (at least the one I was looking at) but it was around Section 105. They do regular hot dogs or chili cheese ones, plus nachos. I like the chili cheese ones because without the chili and cheese the bun can be a bit dry (that’s common for a lot of gluten-free breads).

An earlier game in October 2013 when I didn’t see the gluten-free stand on the map I assumed they had gotten rid of it. So instead I got an order of plantain nachos. Definitely sounded interesting, but it ended up being really good. That nice contrast of sweet and savory. It was fried sweet plantains in place of the chips with nacho cheese, black beans, jalapenos, and salsa on top. If you’re looking for something different I’d recommend it!

*The photos below are from the Bulls game and a Cavs game in 2012*

Gluten-free chicken sandwich from a recent visit
Gluten-free chili cheese hot dog
Gluten-free chili cheese hot dog
Plantain nachos

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