Rosa Mexicano Restaurant (Brickell/South Beach, Mexican)

Today for a late lunch I went to Rosa Mexicano in Mary Brickell Village. It’s one of my go-to spots for eating with friends who live in Brickell. There also is a South Beach location and several other locations around the country. Rosa Mexicano is what I’d call “upscale” Mexican. Dishes have a variety of flavors, spices, and garnishes, including some not what I’d expect in Mexican. I have yet to find a place that truly takes care of my West Coast Mexican fix in Miami (some of my friends from LA say the only place they found is in Homestead), but I like Rosa Mexicano when I feel in the mood. They also have a gluten-free menu, which is always great, although most of their items are gluten free anyways (besides the expected quesadillas). I also like the restaurant itself- it has a cool blue wall with small people figurines diving down and a nice atmosphere overall.

We got their Queso Fundido with chorizo dip as an appetizer. This is my favorite dish. The cheese and chorizo, with some peppers and slight spice, is a great rich favor and it comes with corn tortillas. There are also chips brought to the table, with a medium salsa verde and a smoky brown salsa. My friends got the chicken enchiladas, with green tomatillo sauce, and the chicken flautus that they both liked. I’ve gotten the enchiladas before and I’ve liked them, although I think it might be better with a red sauce- the green sauce is sort of sweet, but still good. I’ve never gotten the flautus before (I assume usually flautus are with wheat and taquitos are with corn), but I discovered after the flautus are on the gluten-free menu so will maybe try that next time. For the meal this time I got a filet mignon and chorizo skewers over rice, which was good but was lacking in a lot of flavor compared to the enchiladas or tacos. The enchiladas also came with black beans and rice, in big family-size bowls, so there was plenty of food to enjoy.

On previous visits I’ve gotten the steak tacos and liked them. I like that you make your own with corn tortillas and the steak, plus chilli and corn that comes with it. Rosa Mexicano is also famous for their guacamole, which they make right in front of you at your table and you can customize the spiciness of it. The Queso Fundido is my favorite dish, so I usually get that for an appetizer, but the guacamole is also really good.

For those in the area of Brickell I’d recommend Rosa Mexicano for Mexican or for a nice meal. The prices at dinner range for appetizer from $7-$14 and entrees from $15-$30 (tacos and enchiladas are at the lower end, large plates and steaks are at the higher end).

Rosa Mexicano (at Mary Brickell Village)- 900 South Miami Ave Miami, FL

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