Pizza Rustica Review (Gluten Free Pizza)

Last night I really felt in the mood for pizza. Thursday night my roommate ordered pizza from Mario the Baker and I was really tempted to want to take some toppings off the crust (a habit I used to do all the time but that I’ve been good about not doing recently. For non gluten-frees I definitely recommend Mario the Baker for the most flavorful toppings of the main pizza chains in Miami!) and so I decided to check out Pizza Rustica, which I recently learned has a gluten-free crust.

Pizza Rustica has several location across Miami, which is great for people who aren’t close to Naked Pizza or Pizza Fusion in South Beach. Pizza Rustica uses a thin crust similar to Naked Pizza and Pizza Fusion. My favorite gluten-free pizza back home in Portland (Sellwood Pizza Kitchen-– for those who are ever in Portland, which used to be a Picazzo’s that have locations in Arizona- has a more moist-doughy crust that I really enjoy, but I still like the thin crust that’s pretty prevalent for gluten-free crusts.

Pizza Rustica’s gluten free pizza helped take care of my pizza craving. I think Naked Pizza is slightly less dry than Pizza Rustica and Pizza Fusion, but they are all very comparable (note: I haven’t been to Pizza Fusion’s new location in South Beach and it’s been awhile since I visited Pizza Fusion up in Palm Beach so I’m going off memory). Pizza Rustica and Pizza Fusion have similar tastes- what they call the Roman style of pizza that to me seems to have the spices be a large part of the flavor, while Naked Pizza has more what I consider the American taste- I feel like the cheese takes more of a focus in the flavor.

The one downside was the toppings had a tendency to sometimes come off, but I’ve found this to be normal on the thinner gluten-free crusts. If you’re looking for some gluten-free pizza I’d recommend checking out Pizza Rustica in general to see if it’s the flavor you like the most, but definitely if it’s location is more convenient than Naked Pizza or Pizza Fusion in South Beach. Pizza Rustica does delivery and take-out (probably a good thing I didn’t discover they had gluten-free crust until after I made my New Year’s resolution to not do any delivery food).

UPDATE: I’ve been to Pizza Rustica a few more times since my first visit and it’s definitely grown on me. On recent visits the toppings haven’t come off as easily. My favorites are the mega meat pizza (ham, bacon bits, pepperoni, sausage, and beef) and the pepperoni pizza. Despite being the same crust they have different textures- the mega meat seems thicker because of the extra toppings, while the pepperoni pizza is more thin and crispy. The “Roman-style” I described on my first visit also doesn’t seem to be as strong since visiting. I like it a lot more and with Naked Pizza now closed it’s going to be more of a go-to.

Pizza Rustica (locations in South Beach, downtown Miami, Brickell, South Miami, West Miami, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, and Delray Beach)

Gluten-free pepperoni

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