Art Wynwood International Contemporary Art Fair!

I spend a lot of time in Midtown during the week and drive by the white tents that host Art Miami and Red Dot during Art Basel almost every time. Recently I noticed signs on the white tents for Art Wynwood and when I saw an article about it on, describing it as a chance for some more “Art Basel”, I thought it’d be a great opportunity to explore the art scene of Miami more. Something I’ve always felt guilty about is not going to Art Basel the last two years, pretty much out of laziness. I’m really glad I decided to visit Art Wynwood because it hands down was the best art experience I’ve had in Miami!

As the name of the fair states there was contemporary art from galleries and collections all over the world. There was art in every medium- painting, sculpture, print, and everything in between plus more! I feel like there was every kind of art there on the spectrums of abstractness, complexity, creativity, and color. There were multiples times I thought to myself “there still is more left to see?!”

Luckily I was able to take pictures so I will let the art speak for itself, but I would strongly recommend a visit to Art Wynwood next year and can’t wait for Art Basel next Fall (when I will make sure to finally attend).

*I tried my best to keep track of the artists’ names to give them credit with the pictures, but some I was not able to get the artist.*

One artist that was my favorite was photographer Michael Eastman. I didn’t think pictures of his photography, especially his landscapes, would do it justice. A link to his website is-

One of my favorite pieces- large murals of forests with colorful camouflaged animals throughout, plus 3-D camouflaged animals, grass, and dirt trails in front. By the artist Ron English.

Piece by Leon Ferrari
Sculptural piece made of buttons by Augusto Esquivel
Neon sculpture by Adela Andea
Wearable Art by Luis Valenzuela
Marilyn Monroe piece made of tiny pills encased in plexiglass. Other similar pieces were of Judy Garland and Jimi Hendrix. By Desire Obtain Cherish.

One of several food sculptures by Peter Anton
A piece by Anne-Karin Furunes, perforated with silver tacks to make the appearance and texture

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