Miami Rainy Day Indoor Fun- Part 2

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It was a beautiful weekend in Miami so these great indoor places weren’t visited by necessity, but instead as part of an art exploration day (Round 2 for my friend Jess and I). Whether you need something to do due to the weather or want to check these places out for art or history interests I’d recommend both!


Miami Art Museum-

Please see my blog post on the new Perez Art Museum of Miami (PAMM) which replaced the old Art Museum


History Miami Museum

The Miami Art Museum and the History Miami Museum all sit on the same plaza inside the Miami-Dade Cultural Center, along with the main branch of the Miami-Dade library. The architecture of the plaza and museums I really like- simple Spanish architecture and I particularly liked the railings on the staircases in the three buildings. MAM and History Miami have a special deal where you get admission to both museums for $10 (individually the museums are $8 each for adults).

Living in Miami and being a history buff I’ve enjoyed learning more about South Florida’s history and development. The History Miami Museum is really great to learn more about the history of South Florida! You basically follow a path starting with the tribes indigenous to Florida and go through Spanish colonial times to the early beginnings of Miami to the land boom and Art Deco Miami to the growth of South Florida after World War II, including the large Cuban and Haitian immigrations. Each time periods has a lot of artifacts and photographs or pictures. There are signs with information for almost every piece and every step so there is tons of information to take in and learn about South Florida. What also is cool about the museum is that there are large “buildings” throughout the museum like a Key West wrecking building, a Florida homestead, and a Miami streetcar.

I’m not sure how often the Museum’s pieces or exhibits change so I’ll have to look into that if I plan to visit again, but I’d highly recommend History Miami for those who are looking for indoor fun or want to learn more about South Florida history!

What South Florida looked like thousands of years ago

History Miami (101 W Flagler St Miami, FL)

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