Wheel of Food, Booze, and Bling- Thrillist Miami

When I got my iPad last Fall one app I found was Thrillist, whose catchphrase is “Thrillist sifts through the crap to find the best your city has to offer.” There are many apps that provide a list of places to check out in your city, but I really like Thrillist for its extensive reviews and easy to use “wheel” for exploring and browsing restaurants, bars, and stores.

The wheel has two parts- the outer wheel that contains “New,” “Top,” “Near,” and “My,” while the inner wheel has “All,” “Eat,” “Drink,” “Shop,” and “More.” You can adjust the settings on both the outer wheel and inner wheel to get whatever you’re looking for. The locations, with reviews, then pop up on a Google-like map. The one I like to do the most is “Near” and then adjust the inner wheel. I then can move around the map to see what is out there. Then I can move farther out to check out other neighborhoods around Miami. I like it as a way to discover places in my neighborhoods that are new or I haven’t heard about. Reviews also pop up at the bottom each with a featured picture that you can scroll through and click on to get more information.

Each location has a review 0f the restaurant, bar, or shop and usually has several pictures. The reviews are pretty extensive and mention many dishes or drinks on the menu for restaurants and bars or merchandise for stores so you get a good idea of what is there. To use the app on your iPad you have to register, but you then get new reviews sent to you almost every day so you can keep up-to-date on new restaurants, bars, and shops. If you don’t have an iPad you can still check out the website (www.thrillist.com/new/MIA) to check out the most recent reviews and sign up for updates.

I already have added several locations to my Bucket List from exploring on Thrillist or the e-mails and plan to keep an eye on the daily e-mails to add to it and would recommend it for people looking for new places to try or want to be the one of their group who hears about new restaurants, bars, and shops first!

Thrillist screenshot with the “wheel” at the top

Thrillist- http://www.thrillist.com/new/MIA, also search for it in the Apple App Store. 

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