Burger and Beer Joint- a lot of everything in the name (Brickell/South Beach)

On Sunday I went to a Heat watching party at Burger and Beer Joint’s South Beach location for a fundraising event through work. I’d never been to the South Beach location but had been to the Brickell location more times than I can count. Similar to Rosa Mexicano it’s one of my go-to spots when eating out in Brickell, as well as to go watch sports in the separate bar area. They have really good burgers with a variety of speciality burgers and quality toppings, plus good appetizers and a lot of different beers to try (plus several ciders and a full bar for gluten-frees and others). This makes it a great place to go when you’re craving a burger or want to kickback and eat.

Drinkwise if I’m eating dinner I almost always get the Woodchuck Amber my favorite kind of cider. They also have Crispin on tap and that’s what I tend to go for when I’m watching a game and having several since it’s a bit lighter. My gluten friends like to try a lot of the different kinds of beers that they have and the waiters and waitresses are knowledgeable about beers to try and can suggest other beers similar to kinds you like.

For food there aren’t tons of gluten-free appetizers but one I can have and one my friend loves is the Pig in a Bucket, which is thick strips of bacon you dip in syrup. Too much of an embarrassing guilty pleasure for me to order myself but I do give it a try if she orders it. My friends have gotten numerous of the appetizers but some of their favorites are the mini-corn dogs, wagyu beef sliders, the crispy dill pickles (fried in some tempura), and the green bean fries (which they’ve said in the black truffle aioli sauce is absolutely awesome). Alas not much for the gluten-frees but don’t worry you will not be leaving hungry.

Burgers are interesting for me since I eat them without the bun. I’m by no means a burger snob (frozen turkey burgers made in the George Foreman show up sometimes on my plate), but I do think that eating it without the bun I notice burgers that are really good quality meat and when the cheese and other toppings really complement the meat. That’s definitely the case at Burger and Beer, where I’ve found their angus beef, wagyu beef, and turkey to all be really good and the toppings complement them well, either in the specialty burgers or make your own.

Some of that I have tried (and all loved) are the Freebird (turkey burger with swiss cheese and grilled onions, but it also comes with Portobello mushrooms that I get taken off), the Mustang Sally (wagyu beef, red onion marmalade, brie cheese, and prosciutto), and the Thunder Road (angus beef, pork belly bacon, American cheese, and bourbon BBQ sauce). I tend to rotate between those burgers and the make-your-own burger. For the make your own I’ve tried a couple combinations of the angus beef, wagyu beef, and turkey with bacon and different kinds of cheese (including the jalapeno cheese sauce, which is pretty good). I tend to do the make-your-own if I feel like going more traditional (basically a bacon cheese burger), but there are tons of different toppings you can put on it, like foie gras, prosciutto, black truffle aioli. You can go for either half a pound of a full pound burger, which when I’ve had the one pound has just been too much (and I’m eating it without the bun), but if you’re hungry try the 1-pounds at your own risk!

Some other burger specialities I sometimes think of trying with substitutions are the Sympathy for the Devil (angus beef, sharp cheddar, pickled jalapenos, habanero sauce, and buffalo chilli, which unfortunately the buffalo chilli is not gluten free) and The Rooster (chicken patty, turkey bacon, onion ring, and bourbon BBQ sauce, which I’d have to get the onion ring taken off). Others that my friends like or look good for people are the Hotel California (angus beef, ranchero sauce, guacamole, grilled red onion, cilantro sour cream, sharp cheddar, and a sunny side up fried egg) and the Stairway to Heaven (wagyu beef, foie gras, and black truffle demi).

Certain specialities comes with certain fries (and B&B has several) but you can always substitute. They have skinny fries (my favorite- crispy and good- for Eugeners reading it reminds me of the fries at Chicken Bonz), mushroom fries, zucchini fries, duck fat fries, and sweet potato fries. The duck fat fries are a bit thicker than the skinny fries and it’s a very subtle flavor of the duck fat, but it comes with a aioli sauce that’s delicious to drip the fries in. I’m not a huge sweet potato fan but my friend got the sweet potato fries on Sunday at the Heat watching party and it passed my picky eater approval. They were crispy and had a slightly sweet taste to them, but not too sweet. Update: I had a couple more of the sweet potato fries at my friend’s birthday party and they have grown on me a lot- they are really crispy with the right amount of flavor. Might have to order my own batch next time.

Burger and Beer in Brickell has always been a great spot for burgers, drinks, and watching sports, but it’s great to have checked out the South Beach location and remember it’s just across the Venetian from me. I’ll probably hit that place up a bit too, as well as continue the Brickell location pretty regularly. If you’re in the mood for a good burger you should check out Burger and Beer!

Burger and Beer (Mary Brickell Village Location- 900 Miami Ave Miami, FL and South Beach Location- 1766 Bay Road Miami Beach, FL)

The Freebird (minus the bun)
Mustang Sally burger on another visit
Thunder Road Burger with the duck fat fries (and aioli sauce)

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