Wynwood Art Walk!

Art Walk happens every second Saturday in Wynwood, a neighborhood packed full of art galleries and studios. The main action happens along NW 2nd Ave in the 20s streets. For Portlanders reading it’s very similar to First Thursdays in the Pearl, but I’d say First Thursdays is a bit more “refined” (that’s not meant in a bad way to either Art Walk or First Thursdays- just that there is a different vibe). Wynwood is a neighborhood of a lot of old warehouses converted to galleries and studies, which is similar to parts of the Pearl, but Wynwood is really lacking the sleek high-rise condos that the Pearl has (at least at this point in time). Also on almost all of Wynwood’s walls (as well as the sidewalks and any other flat space) are tons of incredible murals. This combined with the numerous DJs and street artists and street vendors makes Art Walk a bit more trendy-hip instead of the trendy-refined of First Thursdays in Portland.

Art Walk is an explosion for the senses, not just in terms of sight from all the art, but also sound from the many DJs and street performers and in many places smell due to the food trucks and street vendors/grills. There are also just tons of people packing the sidewalks, galleries, and dancing in some of the side streets that adds a lot of energy to the night. I’d caution that you come with some patience with first traffic and parking (there is ample street parking just tons of people and cars), as well as patience with the crowded sidewalks and galleries. Most galleries are open this time of year (February, March, April etc when the weather is so nice), but less so in the summer so you should plan with that in mind. Many galleries also have wine, drinks, and cheese to enjoy and there are plenty of places to buy other kinds of drinks and food. Wynwood Kitchen and Bar is delicious and is an art experience in itself and I’ve heard very good things about Joey’s next door.

Two things I really like about Art Wynwood- #1 is the variety of art- sculptures, paintings, photography, murals, furniture, commercial pieces etc. And #2 the incredible and numerous murals all over Wynwood, which are just additional art to enjoy, but many a times on a very large impressive scale. Within the galleries my favorite pieces were photographs by Matt Stock, who uses his unique technique called “Painting with Light in the Dark.” They requested no photographs of the work, but definitely check out his website- http://www.mattstockphoto.com/. He has some very vivid and incredible shots. I also enjoyed some of the work of Peter Tunney. Check out some of his work below, as well as some murals I enjoyed.

I’ll let the couple pictures I took below speak more for Art Walk, but if you’re into art and/or into street fairs (especially with some Miami flare- ie. salsa dancing, food, drinks) then I’d recommend you check out Art Walk in Wynwood the second Saturday of every month. The Miami Herald, through BeachedMiami, usually publishes an Art Walk guide so be on the lookout for that. The link for the most recent one is- http://www.beachedmiami.com/2012/03/06/art-walk-guide-march-2012/ If you’re unfamiliar with Art Walk or the Wynwood area I would recommend that you find parking wherever you’re able (for most people I’d recommend staying within a block west of NW 2nd Ave or east of it for feeling of safety) and then walking up NW 2nd Ave and exploring, although you can certainly try and plan a visit around certain galleries if you do research beforehand or are familiar with them. Otherwise the exploring is part of the fun!

Peter Tunney piece
Similar Peter Tunney piece
The Time Is Always Now by Peter Tunney
Don't Panic Surfboard by Peter Tunney
Apart of the Wynwood Mural Walls
A very colorful mural within the Wynwood Mural Walls
A trailer with glow in the dark art inside (the exhibit rotates every so often)
Part of the inside of the trailer
Another part of the Wynwood Mural Wall
Piece that caught my attention. Artist unfortunately unknown.
A typical wall of a building in Wynwood

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