Refuel After the Beach- Shake Shack! (South Beach, Burgers)

Today after an absolutely beautiful day at the beach (for the first part of the day at least) we took a walk down Lincoln Road to check out the Shake Shack. This is my friend Casi’s favorite burger places so it had been on my list for awhile. Then my friend Katie mentioned she tried a mini-burger from Shake Shack at the “Feast With the Beasts” food festival and described it as “crack”- one she had it she kept wanting more! After a couple hours at the beach and in need of some refueling I thought Shake Shack would be a good stop.

Shake Shack is definitely the closest thing I’ve found to my West Coast favorites of Skyline Burger (for Portlanders) and In-N-Out (for West Coasters). There are a lot of great burger places in Miami with great variety of flavors and very gourmet, but Shake Shack gives you a great classic “fast-food”-like American burger- juicy beef and melted American cheese. Besides the double cheeseburger I also got a side of fries. Their fries are crinkle-cut, which aren’t my favorite kind of fry but these were really crispy. I also got a vanilla Concreter with peanut butter mixed in with was really creamy and delicious. In addition to shakes, as the name implies they obviously have, they also have their Concreters, which is rich custard mixed with toppings.

For the gluten-frees Shake Shack has gluten-free info, but it’s what you’d expect (like burgers and hot dogs with no buns) –

If you’re down around Lincoln Road or craving a classic “fast-food”-like burger check out Shake Shack on Lincoln Road!

Double cheeseburger, crispy crinkle-cut fries, and a vanilla Concreter with peanut butter mixed in.

Shake Shack- 1660 Lennox Ave Miami Beach, FL (part of the Lincoln Road Mall)

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