Mmmm Cupcakes (Gluten-Free, Downtown)

Today I explored a bit downtown and checked out Mmmm Cupcakes since it had popped up as having gluten-free cupcakes in my search for gluten-free finds in Miami. I had wanted to check it out for awhile, but made the time today to go down and get some cupcakes.

I tried both flavors of what they had available- coconut and chocolate. I’m not a huge fan of a lot of coconut flavor, but the coconut cupcake was the right amount of coconut flavor for what I like and made it a nice balance of savory and sweet. I’ve never really craved cupcakes compared to other baked goods, but I really liked the texture of the chocolate- kind of cupcake “crumbly” and some good chocolate flavor, but not too much. With both cupcakes I really enjoyed the creaminess and sweet flavor of their frostings.

The owner is very friendly and totally seems willing to accommodate and make whatever you’d like in terms of flavoring. If you happen to be in the area stop by and see what they have that day, but order ahead if you’re looking for specific flavors. She can do a lot of different flavors of regular-sized cupcakes (she said the mini-cupcakes don’t turn out too well given how high the mixtures usually rise and then fall after cooling), as well as make specialty cakes (just without the fruit bottoms because they can’t seem to support the gluten-free cakes). Most of the cupcakes are or can be dairy-free with the exception of obvious ones that have cream cheese frosting or stuff like that and there also are vegan cupcakes (although I’m unsure what they usually have on hand if you just drop by). There is a whole list of gluten-free flavors (as well as vegan) on their website- Some flavors to salivate over include almond, red velvet, lemon poppy, mint chocolate chip, and strawberry cheesecake.

The store is in one of the small “malls” that are throughout downtown Miami so you won’t see a sign for it when driving by, but it’s in there! The address is 17 E Flagler St #109. Down from Walgreen’s there is the entrance to 17 E Flagler and Mmmm Cupcakes is down on the left when you enter just a little bit before the walkway curves. The easiest for parking is probably on-street metered parking, although there are a number of private garages and a downtown parking valet close-by.

I enjoyed my gluten-free cupcakes a lot and thought they were really good. I definitely plan on going back, probably ordering certain flavors ahead of time, when a baked good urge hits. I enjoyed my gluten-free ones so I’d encourage anyone looking for regular cupcakes, or vegan cupcakes, to check Mmmm Cupcakes out when they’re downtown. Gluten-frees I think it’s definitely worth a drive specifically over.

Chocolate and Coconut Cupcakes

Mmmm Cupcakes- 17 E Flager St #109

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