Quick, Simple, Delicious- Pollo Tropical

I questioned whether to do a post on Pollo Tropical or not since it is a fast-food restaurant, but I realized that a lot of people (especially people not originally from Miami) have never been to Pollo Tropical. Pollo Tropical is quick, delicious, and reasonably healthy. I was taken there for the first time by someone from Miami and I thought the food was simple, but really good. I don’t really eat at fast food restaurants, but Pollo Tropical is the only exception for me in Miami.

I pretty much always get a Tropichop- chicken, rice, and black beans. The combination is very simple but delicious. It’s filling and wholesome and also not too bad for you. What’s great is that Pollo recently added brown rice to their menu so you can choose brown rice, as well as the white and yellow rice they’ve always had. They’ve also introduced a Make-Your-Own Tropichop concept so you can choose from among grilled chicken, pork, and a vegetarian build on a base of the rices, lettuce, or a lettuce/rice mix and then you can add toppings like black beans and different veggies, plus salsa and different sauces. They come in either Small or Regular sizes and the Regular is quite big (check out the pic below)- I usually eat only part of it and save some for later.

In addition to the Tropichops Pollo also has sandwiches and wraps, wings (not gluten-free), salads, and platters with a variety of meats (chicken, pork, ribs) and sides. They have a number of tropical sides like yucca and plantains, as well as some regular sides like fries, mac and cheese, and mashed potatoes. Plus desserts there are a lot of options to pick from. Pollo is also a great place to get large orders for laid-back get-togethers or meetings if you’re looking for something simple and reasonably priced.

Pollo Tropical might be something easy to overlook since it is considered fast food, but it’s fast, delicious, and healthy for fast food. Give it a try sometime when you’re looking for something quick and easy.

Tropichop (brown rice, black beans, and grilled chicken). Regular size (the larger of two options).

Pollo Tropical (many locations around South Florida. Check out their website to look-up locations- http://www.pollotropical.com/)

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