La Bottega On the Bay (Italian + Breakfast, Omni)

A few months ago La Bottega On the Bay opened up a few buildings down in 1800 Club. It caught my interest definitely, I always like when new restaurants open up nearby. It’s a small cafe/deli/grocery whose focus is Italian. Unfortunately for me being gluten-free the Italian fare made me less likely to check it out, although I had heard good things (more on that in a bit). But the other day as I was running by I noticed that they serve breakfast and today I figured it’d be a great way to mix things up and go for brunch.

I always have liked the location- on Bayshore Drive looking out onto the park with some great outdoor seating. They have a lot of your standard breakfast items- eggs, omelets, French toast, pancakes, plus sides like roasted potatoes, sausage, and bacon. For a little under $10 I got two scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes, and turkey sausage links (it also came with white or wheat toast and coffee but I didn’t need either of those). All the food was good and wholesome and I appreciated that it felt a little bit lighter- not too much eggs or potatoes but it felt filling. In terms of when I’ll revisit I think it’ll definitely be when I’m looking for something lighter, as well as when I’m looking for something more relaxed than some of the other breakfast places in the neighborhood. La Bottega is really calm and great to sit and eat and watch the busyness of the park.

For the actual Italian food I have heard really good things. My friend Nicole raves about how great their Italian food is (very authentic and homemade), that it comes in large portions, and that they change up the entrees everyday so there are always new things to try (something I noticed from walking by the menu board). Since I enjoyed the atmosphere I think I will check it out sometime soon for lunch or dinner and try a salad or see if they have a meat entree that doesn’t involve pasta. I think it could also be a great place to go a wine happy hour and get some bruschetta (for gluten-eaters) or one of their cold cuts and cheese platters.

I had heard it described as a “grocery” and expected them to have a few items available, but I actually was surprised at how deep La Bottega goes to the left when you enter that you can’t see from the street. They had a variety of essentials, as well as some gourmet products. Definitely could come in handy if you you’re missing one random thing like milk or mixers or some kind of food for a party.

I’ve only heard good things about their authentic Italian food so I would check that out if you’re looking for easy and quick Italian, plus I enjoyed their breakfast and plan to go back. I’ll share what I think for gluten-frees after trying their lunch/dinner options.

Great location in 1800 Club building across from Pace Park on Bayshore Dr
2 eggs any style plus two sides (roasted potatoes and turkey sausage in my case) plus toast and coffee

La Bottega On the Bay- 1800 N Bayshore Dr Miami, FL

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