“Making Miami” Pecha Kucha Article and PhilanthroFest Event (April 14th)

A really cool article on the BeachedMiami blog (courtesy of the Herald) about an event on Thursday night called “Making Miami”- http://www.beachedmiami.com/2012/03/16/making-miami-pecha-kucha/

The event was in the Pecha Kucha format, which was started in 2003 in Tokyo and where presenters have 20 seconds each to explain what they would do to make their city a better place. Pecha Kucha is “pronounced in one word and let it roll off the tongue the way you should say ‘buhdonkadonk’ (probably the best line of the article)!

The ideas came from various presenters- individuals, organiztions, activists- and I enjoyed reading the article to hear about some future visions for our city and also get an idea about what people are working on and passionate about. The ideas varied from more public art to more greenspace and trees to more volunteering from the community. One of my favorites (along with the presentation on seeing volunteering in Miami as a lifetime of service) was the planting of 1.2 million trees across Miami (at a cost lower than one Miami overpass- $35 million for all the trees compared to $40 million for the one overpass). A cool article with a lot more detail about the Pecha Kucha concept and some of the individual ideas.


One link that I came across when the article was discussing one of the presenters was for PhilanthroFest, which is happening April 14th in Midtown Miami. The event aims to bring together tons of non-profit and philanthropic organizations in one place, so that people can learn more about them as well as celebrate the work these organizations do. I have to say that for me one of the times I feel most connected and a part of the Miami community is when I’ve volunteered. One of my goals for this blog was to write about organizations I volunteer with or learn about and I’ve been slacking pretty bad on that one. I definitely wanted to share this because I think it will be an awesome event to go learn about organizations doing great work in our community, as well as to learn about individual volunteer opportunities for you to check out.

The link for the PhilanthroFest website is- http://www.philanthrofest.com/

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