Hits The Spot Late Night- The Munchies at Brickell (Colombian + Gluten-Free)

One of my favorite late night spots is Munchies just on the edge of Brickell. It’s mostly Colombian food that really hits the spot, plus a lot of their items are gluten-free. Last night in the middle of the St. Patrick’s Day craziness in Brickell (5 of the 11 or so bars in Brickell are Irish and several with big street parties this year) we were looking for some place to grab dinner and of course the main go-to restaurants were pretty packed with long waits. We headed a few blocks away from the center of Brickell to take a quick food break at Munchies (down 8th St across from the CVS shopping complex) .

I’ve been to Munchies many times, introduced by my friend Casi, and really liked it. Colombian food is always great for gluten-frees because their arepas are really good and a lot of times can kind of fulfill cravings for sandwiches when they’re stuffed with meats and cheeses. Munchies and La Moon a few blocks down have a lot of similar foods and in terms of taste is a toss-up for me- the only main differences I’ve seen is that La Moon has more chicken and beef entree and Colombian hot dog options, while Munchies has more… well I don’t really no how to explain it except to say that they have fries smothered with white queso and similar foods. A plus to Munchies is that it’s usually less crowded than La Moon for the late night crowd. The atmosphere at Munchies is good for a late night snack or cravings, but I’d say La Moon is better for a longer sit down dinner.

Last night I got one of the appetizer arepas with the chorizo and my friends also got an order of the mini-arepas. The chorizo arepa came as the chorizo sausage with an arepa cut into two halves on the side. The chorizo was good and so were the arepas- I used to have to eat them with something in it or dipped in some sauce but the actual taste I’ve come to enjoy even without something else. The mini-arepas are little arepa balls with cheese on the inside. If you’re gluten-free and crave mozzarella sticks the arepas will have a different taste, but they’re really good and could take care of that craving a bit.

My friend and I then split a super Munchies arepa burger and my other friend got a steak pepito. I usually like to get burgers at Colombian restaurants since it’s awesome to be able to have a “bun” with the arepas. The super Munchies arepa burger is a explosion of flavors (the beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, Munchies sauce, and then egg, ham, and bacon added for the super arepa burger). It’s a lot of food so you’ll leave stuffed (a common feeling from Munches) or possibly take it to go if you don’t share it. The arepas at La Moon and Munchies are a bit crispier instead of soft than arepas I’ve had elsewhere but this works best for the burgers- such a big burger already tends to fall apart, but I kind of like how it just makes it more of a big mix of flavors. The pepito is a hot sandwich in a lot of Latin cultures and my friend’s was similar to a sub sandwich.

Times I’ve gone to Munchies before I’ve gotten different kinds of arepas- stuffed with just cheese, chicken, beef/steak and all have been good. Each are pretty cheap and don’t seem too big but their arepas come in between two of the corn pancakes so there is a lot to fill you up. I’ve also gotten (as mentioned earlier) their fries with queso blanco on it- it’s actual melted cheese not a queso sauce and who doesn’t love fries and melted cheese!

Munchies can definitely hit the spot late-night in Brickell and has some great Colombian favorites to try, plus for gluten-frees there are some great options that can take care of some cravings or give you something you can’t find elsewhere!

Chorizo with the arepa
Mini Arepa Bites (stuffed with cheese)
Super Munchies Arepa Burger (burger, lettuce, tomato, potato sticks, Munchies sauce, bacon, ham, egg)

Munchies at Brickell (250 SW 8th St Miami, FL)

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