PF Chang’s China Bistro (Gluten-Free, Chinese, Brickell)

PF Chang’s has been on the top of my gluten-free list for a long time. I went a lot back in Portland when it came out with its gluten-free Chinese menu and I’ve kept going since moving to Miami. PF Changs does a great job of making their signature dishes gluten-free without losing the great taste and they’ve been adding to their gluten-free menu over the years. When I went to lunch today I thought about doing a blog post because even though it’s a national chain it’s a great place to know for gluten-free food, especially for Chinese food that a lot of people crave but normally can come with a lot of hidden gluten in its dishes.

On this visit my friend Jess got a big bowl of the egg drop soup (the gluten-free version) and I gave it a try and it was really good. I definitely will think about getting it more often on my future visits. For starters my go-to is always the chicken lettuce wraps, which we also got. The chicken mixture has great flavor and it’s refreshing inside the lettuce wraps, but also very filling with a little crunch from some rice noodles. It can definitely be a meal on its own, but is great to be shared as a starter.

I have cycled through a number of dishes on the gluten-free menu. My favorite (and the one I got this time) is the Mongolian beef. The beef has a guilty crispiness to it- guilty in that you almost have to think it has to be the normal version with a little bit of breading in it, but what’s awesome is that it’s gluten-free! Some other dishes I’ve gotten and really enjoy are the beef and broccoli (what I usually get at other restaurants without the soy sauce, but it’s delicious to have it with gluten-free soy sauce), spicy chicken (very similar to an orange chicken), a lemon chicken (sweet, light and refreshing- although I didn’t see it on the lunch menu this time), and the chicken/beef fried rice (very filling and a lot of different flavors going on). That’s just a few of the options on the gluten-free menu.

Combined with the lettuce wraps and one of those entrees I am usually pretty full after a meal at PF Changs (not to mention the soup added this time), but Jess and I decided anyways to get dessert. PF Changs has two gluten-free desserts- a chocolate dome cake and a chocolate mousse shooter. I’ve had the dome cake before and it’s a pretty good size for dessert even after eating a lot. It basically is a flourless chocolate cake like a thick and rich pudding. It comes with a variety of berries on a platter to go with bites of the cake. The chocolate dome cake is really sweet and rich and delicious. If you’re not looking for something so big a chocolate mousse shooter would be a perfect in-between.

If you’re looking for Chinese food without all the substitutions you should definitely treat yourself to PF Changs and try their plentiful menu of gluten-free options.

Gluten-free egg drop soup
Chicken lettuce wraps (assembly required)
Crispy and flavorful Mongolian beef with veggies plus a side of white rice
The grand finale- a rich flourless chocolate dome cake with mixed berries

PF Chang’s China Bistro (901 S Miami Ave Miami, FL- Mary Brickell Village, but locations throughout South Florida and nationwide)

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