St. Patrick’s Day in Miami/Brickell!

Miami might not seem like a typical place to have an awesome St. Patrick’s Day, but it in fact is one of the best nights of the year in Miami. Part of that is due to the odd abundance of Irish bars throughout Miami, but especially in Brickell. Of the 11 main bars in Brickell (if I am doing my math right) 5 of them are Irish pubs- Waxy O’Connors, Finnegan’s on the River, Fado’s, Lucky Clover, and Brickell Irish Pub. The other 364 days of the year having every other bar be Irish seems a little too much, but on St. Patrick’s Day it turns Brickell into one gigantic street party.

This year both Fado’s and Lucky Clover had block parties outside and the streets of Brickell were full of thousands of people. The people spilled over to every bar, even the ones that aren’t Irish. Last night we went first to Lucky Clover, which is one of my favorite bars in Brickell due to their music- we’re talking old school Ja Rule, DMX, etc! Lucky Clover was really packed as expected but the street party was fun even with being so crowded.

After Lucky Clover we walked by Fado’s and Mary Brickell Village. Fado’s is where we usually end up on a weekend but due to the crowds we headed over to Tobacco Road- not an Irish bar, but it wasn’t too packed. Tobacco Road is the oldest bar in Miami and has a great happy hour on Fridays, especially in their huge outdoor area. Saturday nights they usually open up their parking lot to food trucks, which is a great way to sample the Miami food truck scene. Tonight Tobacco Road was serving green drinks in the spirt of the holiday so it was still celebrating St. Patty’s Day despite not being Irish.

To stay true to the night we ended the night at Waxy O’Connor’s ending the night in one of Brickell’s many Irish pubs. St. Patrick’s Day there is definitely no place you should be in Miami besides Brickell! I’ll let the pictures below speak for themselves- almost every street looked similarly (which is why if you need to drive anywhere you should avoid Brickell!)

Brickell’s iconic light-up building lit up green for St. Patty’s Day!
Lucky Clover’s Block Party

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