A Good Gluten-Free Grocery- Nutrition Cottage (Delray Beach, Gluten-Free)

NOTE: Nutrition Cottage has since moved to Boynton Beach a little bit north of Delray Beach. I haven’t had a chance to visit that location yet, but assume it’s probably similar to the location in Delray that’s written about below. 

In my search for various gluten-free products I had remembered learning there was a health food store in Delray that carried a product I was looking for at the time. I couldn’t remember exactly what it was called, but while we were at lunch I searched and found one- Nutrition Cottage- just a few blocks down from Mellow Mushroom on Atlantic Ave that has a wide variety of gluten-free products.

Now as I’ve mentioned a few times before I was very very spoiled living in Portland in terms of the gluten-free restaurants and the number of products in stores, certainly in health food stores but also just in the regular grocery stores like Fred Meyer’s. That being said it was still cool to find a store like Nutrition Cottage that has a lot of gluten-free options for a store in South Florida and one that labeled it so prominently and clearly.

Almost every area the store has a gluten-free section or at least a shelf. I’d say that a majority of the food in there is gluten-free- a lot naturally but also I’d estimate about 1/5 of the food is specifically labeled gluten-free and versions of popular regularly-gluten food. There was a large baking section with a lot of gluten-free baking mixes and different gluten-free cookies. There also was a freezer that was all gluten-free products including chicken wings, pizza, macaroni and cheese, breads, English muffins, bagels, and more! There also were things like gluten-free pasta and crackers.

I got some gluten-free chicken strips I’d seen online, a gluten-free frozen burrito, gluten-free pizza pocket, some frozen gluten-free bagels (one of the gluten things I crave the most), and some gluten-free doughnuts that I’ve tried before and are really good.

I’m sure there is a health food store very similar to this in Miami, perhaps even several, I just haven’t done my research enough to know where. I usually am able to get by with the gluten-free bread and pasta from Publix and cook things that are naturally gluten-free, but it was nice to find some special gluten-free treats. If you’re looking for gluten-free products, I’d say especially if you’re recently gluten-free, check out the wide selection at Nutrition Cottage.

Nutrition Cottage on Atlantic Ave in Delray
A gluten-free specific freezer with chicken wings, mac and cheese, taquitos and burritos, pizza, bread, bagels, brownies, and more!
My bounty- burrito, pizza pocket, doughnuts, chicken strips, and bagels. All gluten-free!

Nutrition’s Cottage- 407 E Atlantic Ave Delray Beach, FL

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