CLOSED: No Gridlock of Flavors Here- City Hall the Restaurant (American Bistro,Omni/Midtown)

I always get excited to hear about new restaurants opening up in my neighborhood and last year I was excited to read about City Hall the Restaurant planning to open just across the street. I thought it was cool to hear about how it was envisioned by Steve Haas, who helped get Miami Spice started. I didn’t hear much about it for awhile, but when I came back from a trip in the summer it was open and I knew I needed to check it out.

City Hall describes itself as an American bistro. They’ve done some great things to the building inside with some cool murals and architectural features that reminds me of a classic New York steakhouse. The first time I went to City Hall I went for lunch and got their turkey burger. I think the burger is really representative of what’s great about City Hall- a lot of complementing flavors together. This is big coming from a formerly picky child who never wanted his different foods to touch. The turkey burger comes with fontina cheese, spinach, and tomato aioli (also comes with mushrooms but I ordered it without- I haven’t overcome all my pickiness). The burger was juicy and the flavors of the cheese, spinach, and aioli with the burger was awesome! On the side came tricolor french fries, which were homefries-style made with red, blue, and sweet potatoes. From looking at their menu beforehand I wanted to try their braised beef short rib stuffed potato skins, but unfortunately they don’t serve them at lunch. When I went back the next time I definitely made sure to go at dinner and I got the potato skins, which were awesome and again a bunch of great flavors (more details below!)

On Monday I took my mom and sister to City Hall for dinner. We got the potato skins to share to start. The potato skins come with talleggio cheese, swiss chard, horseradish aioli and tomato marmalade. The braised beef is tender and succulent and with the marmalade and aioli has a sweet and tangy flavor. The crispiness of the potato skin and the melted cheese makes it all flavorful and fulfilling. For my meal I tried the garlic-herb roasted half-chicken, which came in a heavier sauce (a bit tangy and sweet like the braised beef) than I was expecting but it was still good. It came with yukon gold potatoes and broccolini on the side. The pepper on the gold potatoes and the butter on the broccolini were perfect for them and some mixing of the flavors were good too! It was also a very filling meal, especially the chicken. My mom got the burratta mozarella salad with crab meat on it, while my sister got mixed baby green salad and french onion soup, both which they enjoyed.

There are a number of things I want to still try at City Hall (the ribs, pork chop) so I’ll definitely be back and luckily it’s right across the street! If you’re looking for some creative-spins on American classics in a cool atmosphere you should check out City Hall!

Some of the cool architecture features of City Hall
Mural on the wall and booths of City Hall
Braised beef short rib potato skins!

*I thought I had taken a picture of my chicken but I guess it didn’t save

City Hall the Restaurant- 2004 Biscayne Blvd Miami, FL

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