Genuine Taste and Experience- Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink (Design District)

Last night my mom and sister came down from Delray Beach with my aunt and did some sightseeing in South Beach and I was going to meet up with them for dinner. Due to the traffic from Spring Break on the causeways, plus just normal Friday traffic heading to South Beach, we decided they’d meet me on the mainland and try something in the city of Miami. I took them to Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink. It’s one of Miami’s best restaurants (all my travel magazines make mention of it in Miami articles) and it’s in the Design District, which I thought would be a cool place for them to see.

Michael’s is inside a covered promenade with a number of designer clothing and jewelry shops, but it takes up a sizable portion of it and then most of the promenade is outdoor seating for the restaurant under a number of large flowered trees. One of the best parts of South Florida is eating outside so we ate out under one of the trees.

The food at Michael’s is broken down into small, medium, large, and extra large plates plus sides. For starters we got the burrata (heirloom tomatoes, basil, olive oil, and a kind of mozarella cheese- so very similar to a caprese salad) and thick cut potato chips with pan fried onion dip. The tomatoes were very good and juicy and were delicious with the cheese and we really liked the onion dip with the thick cut potato chips.

For the main course my sister got the pan roasted “poulet rouge” chicken, which I had a piece of. It was very juicy and I really liked how the thin skin was made very crispy- it almost had a fried chicken taste and texture despite there being no flour. She got mashed potatoes on the side that were really good- some of the best restaurant mashed potatoes that I’ve had (can’t beat my Aunt Elaine’s secret recipe though!). I had heard that Michael’s specialty was it’s pork so I tried the pork loin. It was very tender and flavorful, the best part was the apple chutney on top which gave a sweet kick to the pork. I got the potato fingerlings on the side, which were good, but I think the mashed potatoes were the best side. My mom and aunt shared the snapper, which they said was excellent. It was cooked perfectly, “not too dry” and it “melted in your mouth” according to them.

There are definitely some other options on the menu I want to try like the beef short rib and pork shoulder, plus Michael’s was a great atmosphere and place to dine, so I’ll be back. Like I said it gets reviews from magazines and Miamians as one of the best restaurants in Miami and I concur so you should definitely check out Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink for a genuinely delicious culinary experience.

Michael's is within a promenade of designer shops
One of several trees over the outdoor seating area

The burrata
The thick cut potato chips with pan seared onion dip
The pork loin with apple chutney on top (gave it some great combination of flavors!)
Really awesome garlic mashed potatoes!
Pan roasted chicken
Fingerling potatoes

*I need to pay closer attention to my pictures saving because I am not sure what happened to the picture of the snapper I took

Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink- 130 NE 40th St Miami, FL

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