Rita’s- Custard and Frozen Ice (West Palm Beach)

I spent last summer in Philadelphia for work, where I discovered Rita’s and became pretty obsessed. Rita’s is famous for their custard and frozen ice with a slogan of “Ice-Custard Happiness”. Their frozen ice is the perfect combination of ice and liquid with a great texture and a lot of flavor. I especially love their custard because it is super creamy and delicious. The texture reminds me of a combination of melted marshmallows and that point when you’re eating whip cream and it begins to melt in your mouth. They also have a few options that combine the custard and frozen ice, which might sound weird but the texture and fruit flavor of the frozen ice with the creaminess of the custard is really good. There also are different candy toppings that can be thrown in.

I had learned awhile ago that there were a number of Rita’s up in Palm Beach County and meant to check one out when I went up to Delray, but didn’t have a chance until today. I went up for brunch with my family in Palm Beach (I’ll definitely have to do a post about Palm Beach and West Palm because there are a lot of great things to see up there) and afterwards we went to CityPlace in West Palm and walked around the Art Fair. In CityPlace I came across a Rita’s and got pretty excited.

I got a small vanilla custard and it took me back to all my great memories of Philly and Rita’s! My aunt got a small chocolate and both her and my mom agreed with my description of the great texture and flavor of the custard. They have a couple of locations around Palm Beach County and up the East Coast so check one out if you come across one! I bet I’m going to need a Rita’s fix sometime before the summer if I’m back in Philly.

Rita’s (locations across Palm Beach County and the eastern United States) 

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