Historic and Iconic- The Biltmore Hotel (Coral Gables)

Today I took my friends Michael and Jess to Coral Gables to check out some buildings and architecture I had seen or heard about. Coral Gables is a beautiful city with some very stately homes and a really cool downtown along Miracle Mile.

I love historical hotels like the Breakers in Palm Beach and the Banff Springs Hotel in Alberta and the Biltmore Hotel had been high on my list of a place to check out so it was the first stop. I had seen pics and knew it was a beautiful hotel, but I was really blown away with what an incredible property it is and the great architecture. You can see the historical hotel, built in 1926, from afar in a lot of parts of Coral Gables and is very deserving of its presence. As you reach the hotel it’s very imposing and grand in front of you. The grounds are quite large (even not including the golf course) and all of it is beautiful (we commented how nice even their loading dock looks). The pool is massive and very grand (made me think of the iconic pool at the Hearst Castle in terms of its grandness). Everywhere throughout there are fine architecture details to keep you engaged for a long time. Pictures are the best way on here to showcase the Biltmore (and I took a lot for being there half an hour or so), but you should definitely visit in person to experience it! Next time I want to try one of their restaurants and maybe even spend a night sometime for fun.

The Biltmore's imposing and iconic tower

Just part of the Biltmore's Pool

A wedding taking place at the Biltmore

Biltmore Hotel- 1200 Anastasia Ave Coral Gables, FL

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