GreenStreet Cafe (Coconut Grove, New American)

Coconut Grove is a really laid back neighborhood and has a lot of charm and is a place I really enjoy in Miami. There are a lot of restaurants, shops, and chill bars there, that I don’t take advantage of enough. It especially is a great place to eat outside and walk around. I had heard really good things about GreenStreet, which is on Main Highway across the street from Lulu’s (another great restaurant in the Grove). Since we were in the area my friends and I decided to check GreenStreet out.

GreenStreet has great outdoor seating on the corner of Main Highway and Commodore Plaza just across from the Barnacle and down from CocoWalk. They have a lot of outdoor tables and chairs under umbrellas, as well as several outdoor couches and a cool bar area.

Their menu was heavy on pastas and pizzas, but there were a number of things that I could have. I tried the skirt steak, which is one of my favorite kinds, and it was really delicious. It came in this creamy green peppercorn sauce that was really awesome and gave the steak some great creamy flavor with a kick. Instead of getting a potato side I went for the rice and beans, which were also good. My friends got the chicken piccata and the margarita pizza. I tried a bite of the chicken piccata and I liked it- the lemon butter and wine sauce gave it a light and refreshing taste. I couldn’t try the pizza but my friend liked it and you could tell just by looking at it that it was a quality pizza.

There were a few other things on the menu I was interested in trying, like the burger and another steak, so I think I will check out GreenStreet again if I’m in the area and I definitely would have the skirt steak again- I loved it! If you can have flour there are quite a lot more options for you to try- pasta, pizza, and some fried appetizers- plus a number of good looking salads. I really enjoyed the flavors I tried and bet that carries over into many of their other dishes. It also looked like a great place for Happy Hour and drinks outside either at the tables or at the bar.

UPDATE: I’ve gone here a few times for work lunches and it’s a great space. Beautiful on a nice day, great energy but not too loud, reasonably convenient for people coming from the north or south, and a lot of different options for different eaters. Besides the delicious skirt steak (still my favorite) I’ve also had the burger and a delicious spinach salad (would definitely recommend that one!).

GreenStreet’s cool bar plus some of its outdoor couches in the foreground
GreenStreet’s streetside outdoor seating along Old Main Highway
GreenStreet from across the street
My skirt steak (with an incredible green peppercorn sauce) and beans and rice on the side
My friend’s chicken piccata (very light and refreshing, but a bit “crispy”)
Margarita Pizza

GreenStreet Cafe- 3468 Main Highway Coconut Grove, FL

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