Patriotic and Gluten-Free Friendly- The New Publix at 1776 Biscayne! (Omni/Midtown)

I’ve been very excited for over a year for the new Publix being built just a few blocks away at 1776 Biscayne. I got even more excited in the last month to learn that it was opening on March 31st and that there is a Publix liquor inside! I visited this weekend during the grand opening and to do my usual weekly shopping and the new location is epic! It’s large, bright, the aisles are pretty large, and there are tons of gluten-free options!

I was really shocked at how many gluten-free options there were and kept getting excited with each gluten-free discovery. Overall the location seems to have tons of expanded options beyond gluten-free such as a lot of hot food at the deli and a lot of options for things like dishes and school supplies, plus the Publix liquor just inside the entrance!

I got excited from the start just by being able to walk the two blocks to start and not have to deal with driving (especially the crazy parking lot at the old Publix up on Biscayne and the 40s). Getting a cart and walking around there is a lot more room in the aisles, plus a lot of nice displays, than other grocery stores. The store is bright, airy, and noticeably large.

The Publix I used to go to had a small display of gluten-free items and this store had a similar section but much much larger with things like gluten-free pasta, bread, cookies, and crackers. What is awesome about this Publix is the wide number of gluten-free frozen food options- chicken nuggets, pizza, dougnuts, muffins, pasta, and more! Check out the pics below to see some of the many gluten-free options (it might even give Fred Meyer’s back on the West Coast a run for it’s money!). While other grocery stores would maybe have one or two options this location has several (such as gluten-free Betty Crocker bake mixes or hard ciders).

After I grabbed everything I needed (including choosing from some wider options for regular food) I sped through checkout. It might be due to the grand opening weekend but there were tons of aisles open and was way quicker to check out than other grocery stores. Then I grabbed all my bags walked by the Publix liquor store (did I mention that yet?) and walked home with my groceries.

Shopping at the new Publix was awesome! I’m looking forward to shopping there every week since from my first experience the new Publix by far meets the company’s motto of “where shopping is a pleasure!” Plus there are all those gluten-free products to try!

Check out the pictures of the gluten-free products below!

Most, if not all Publix, have these labels for gluten-free products
The main gluten-free section with pasta, bread, cookies, crackers, and more
Numerous gluten-free baking mixes!
A number of Caesar's gluten-free frozen pasta dishes (shells, lasagna, and manicotti)
Gluten-free chicken tenders and chicken nuggets!
Gluten-free waffles
A big gluten-free freezer section with frozen muffins, english muffins, cookies, bagels, cinnamon rolls, doughnuts and more!
Gluten-free pizza in several flavors!
A number of hard ciders (naturally gluten-free!)

A few products I made at home:

Caesar's gluten-free shell pasta stuffed with cheese
Applegate Farms gluten-free chicken strips (tasted very close to real ones!)

Publix- 1776 Biscayne Blvd

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