Delicious and Solid Food and Service: Lunch at Blue Collar Restaurant (Upper Eastside, Contemporary)

Today for lunch we were looking for a restaurant close to work so we focused on the Biscayne Corridor and the Upper Eastside. We’ve been to a lot of places around there and were kind of looking for something new. I had heard about Blue Collar and had wanted to check it and after looking over the menu my friend Mike and I definitely wanted to go.

It’s in a small space on Biscayne between 67th and 68th in the area with all the motels from when the 1 was the major highway north and south. The space definitely has a hip “blue-collar” feel that reminds me a lot of restaurants in Portland or Philly. The kitchen is open to the restaurant in the back with a big chalkboard above it with specials and the many vegetable sides and then there are about 8-10 tables. When we went for lunch almost every table was taken up and when someone left there always seemed to be someone just walking in to take it. The food definitely speaks to why it was so busy- wholesome and filling flavors and food.

I got one of the specials, the brisket, which is always one of my favorite foods but especially with Passover this weekend I had been craving it for a while knowing I’d be getting it if I was home in Portland right now. It came with a side of creamy gold Yukon mashed potatoes, which were delicious. I know I just said last weekend that Michael’s Genuine Food’s garlic mashed potatoes were some of the best restaurant mashed potatoes I’ve ever had, but I think these ones topped them. They are very creamy, fluffy, and delicious. They might even come close to my Aunt Elaine’s potatoes, but I’ll make a firm decision after Easter on Sunday when I eat her potatoes and can compare more critically. My friend got the Philly cheesesteak and a side of sweet potato wedges. The sandwich came with a really delicious looking cheese sauce and he said was really incredible, especially with the really good onions on them.

There were a number of lunch items I want to go back and try (the burger and the Big Ragout Sandwich minus the bun- pork and veal shoulder, brisket, and mozzarella and parmesan cheese), but they also have brunch and dinner and I want to try both those out for sure. There was a really good steak with garlic aioli on the dinner menu I want to try. One of the best parts about Blue Collar is their extensive vegetable list. They have normal vegetables like sautéed broccoli, corn on the cob, and roasted carrots (in maple syrup however) and then they also have a number of potato sides like french fries, sweet potato wedges, and those mashed potatoes, but they also have sides like buttered baby bok choy, grilled asparagus with bleu cheese, and caramelized brussel sprouts. When I go back from dinner I want to try a lot of the things on that list.

Blue Collar was great, wholesome food that was a great lunch stop and I’m sure it’s great at dinner as well. The chef was very friendly on top of making great food and I really liked the enviornment of the restaurant- busy but laidback at the same time. I’ll be back very soon!

The brisket with some incredible mashed potatoes!
Philly Cheesesteak with sweet potato wedges

Blue Collar Restaurant- 6730 Biscayne Blvd Miami, FL


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