Freshness and Comfort: Max’s Harvest (Delray Beach, Organic Modern American)

For Easter my family went out to brunch at Max’s Harvest in Delray Beach and had an awesome and FRESH dining experience! My aunt and uncle had been there once before and loved the freshness of all the foods and its ingredients. When we arrived I already loved the atmosphere and physical restaurant- I felt like I was at a restaurant in the (San Francisco) Bay or Pacific Northwest on a summer day. The restaurant’s front is completely open to an outside patio and there is a large tree in the middle, plants all around, and warm and welcoming photographs and artwork on the walls.

Max’s slogan is “Farm to Fork” and that is very apparent in all the food, tastes, and flavors. The restaurant gets its vegetables directly from local farmers and their meat from Florida ranchers and farmers that raise their animals humanely and without steroids, growth hormones or antibiotics. They’re goal is to take these fresh, seasonal, and locally-grown ingredients and make “simple, sophisticated flavors that result when you let the land speak for itself” according to their “About Us.”

I started off with Cucumber-Watermelon juice, which was very fresh and refreshing. We all shared an order of the deviled heritage hen farm eggs and the daily cheese plate. The deviled eggs had truffle sea salt in them, which you could really taste, and it gave it a very wholesome and exciting flavor and heightened the freshness. I got a B.E.L.T. wedge salad that came with bibb lettuce, Russian dressing, heirloom tomato, house smoked bacon, hard boiled farm egg, and picked red onion. Again I have to emphasize how fresh all the ingredients were. What I especially loved about the salad was that the distinct flavors of all the parts came through, but they all complemented each other so the salad made an overall impression and it made it my favorite part of my meal. The dressing was rich and creamy and you could taste the explosion of flavor in the heirloom tomatoes and the bacon was really delicious. For my meal I got the Florida steak and eggs because the heirloom potato hash it came with sounded really good. The steak was Akaushi beef and it came with heritage eggs (which I got scrambled) and heirloom potato. My uncle described the food at Max’s as very fresh comfort food- healthy, but also filling and I definitely agree. The steak and eggs and hash were very fresh but very wholesome and delicious. Some other highlights was the Harvest Salad (orange supreme, watercress, arugula, candied pecan, red onion, aged blue cheese, aged sherry vinegar) that my aunt and uncle both got and similar to all the other food the flavors was fresh and filling. A family friend got the macaroni and cheese, which she described as “$8 of heaven” and bacon-seared brussel sprouts (brussel sprouts cooked in bacon fat), which I tasted and liked (which means a lot coming from a vegta-phobe). My uncle’s mother got the “Naked Bird” chicken melt, which she really enjoyed and came with onion, avocado, aged cheddar, arugula, tomato and basil aioli, as well as fries on the side. I think the main theme of all the food at Max’s Harvest was that the fresh ingredients offer tons of amazing flavors and the dishes are simple enough to enjoy all those flavors, but they complement each other enough to be sophisticated.

What I also really enjoyed was the service at Max’s. My aunt and uncle really loved their server from their first visit and I really liked our server this time around. She was very knowledgeable about the food, welcoming, and sweet. What I think marks a stellar restaurant is that she was also super excited about the food Max’s serves- she said “the specials today is everything on the menu because it’s all special, but one thing that isn’t on the menu…” and then went into listing off all the awesome ingredients and flavors in the special. With suggestions she made when asked and comments made when we were ordering it was clear she loved the food and enjoyed working at Max’s.

There were so many other things to try either at brunch or at dinner (the local and organic sausage and bacon, dates with bacon marmalade and blue cheese, pork loin) and I know that even something like the burger would be a great thing to try for the great, simple flavors of the food at Max’s Harvest. I’m looking forward to convincing my family to return (which I don’t think will be a problem) and visiting again! For people in or visiting the Palm Beach County or north Broward County I’d highly recommend trying out Max’s Harvest for a fresh and delicious dining experience.

Watermelon-Cucumber Juice
Deviled Eggs and Cheese Plate
B.E.L.T. Wedge Salad
Florida steak and eggs with heritage potato hash
"Naked Bird" chicken sandwich
Harvest Salad
Macaroni and Cheese (front), bacon-seared brussels sprouts (middle), and vegetable medley (back)

Max’s Harvest-169 NE 2nd Ave Delray Beach, FL

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