Cruising the Intercoastal (Palm Beach County)

This weekend I was up in Delray Beach for my aunt’s wedding and the night before the wedding the entire family went on a Intercoastal cruise on the Lady Atlantic. From my time in Palm Beach County when I was younger the Intercoastal Waterway has always been one of my favorite places in Florida. The Intercoastal is a great place for boating since the water is very calm, especially compared to the ocean, and it has great views of some awesome houses along the Intercoastal, plus many little canals that connect to it.

The Lady Atlantic (and the similar Lady Delray) has three levels with a dining room, main room + bar, and a top deck. We boarded the Lady Atlantic in Delray on Atlantic Ave and cruised south for about an hour and a half before turning around. Along the way we enjoyed a lot of different hor d’oeuvres, drinks, and the scenery. Since it was just hor d’oeuvres we didn’t spend much time in the dining room on the lower level, but it’d be a great place to throw a party with a sit down dinner. Both the main room and the decks had plenty of chairs and tables to mingle and visit. The main room and dining room has a lot of big windows to take in the views even while inside. The Lady Atlantic is also a large enough boat that it was a really smooth ride, even when some other boats sped by.

The best part of an Intercoastal cruise is being on the water and the views so I’ll leave it to the pictures from the night!

The Lady Atlantic

The dining room on the lower level

The upper deck

Lady Atlantic-

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