Atlantic Ave and Pineapple Grove Photo Tour (Delray Beach)

I’ve spent a good amount of time in Delray Beach and on Atlantic Ave, but mostly I come up for day trips for a lunch or dinner or to see family who are in town. Since I had a lot of Friday free before the family wedding I decided to go and take a lot of pictures on Atlantic Ave and also explore Pineapple Grove. I’ve been to Max’s Harvest in Pineapple Grove (check out the review here- Freshness and Comfort: Max’s Harvest) and liked the neighborhood and I definitely wanted to see more of what it had to offer.

I really enjoy trips to Broward and Palm Beach counties because I think it can have more of a laidback, tropical-vacation feel to it- a nice break from Miami and life. Atlantic Ave and Los Olas Blvd (in Fort Lauderdale) are really cool because they are really vibrant streets with tons of restaurants, stores, and art galleries. Pineapple Grove (which is just off Atlantic along NE 2nd Ave) also has a similar vibe and it has a lot of art studios and galleries, but I also liked that it was less busy than Atlantic Ave and seemed to capture a lot of old Florida with the more residential architecture and buildings. There’s some really cool architecture and buildings in both areas. I really enjoyed how the new construction in Pineapple Grove was still very cool architecturally and integrated rather well with older buildings.

Anyone visiting the Palm Beach County area I recommend making a trip to Delray for the day or staying overnight and Atlantic Ave and Pineapple Grove should be on your lists to explore. I’ve had a lot of friends tell me about all the great things they’ve heard and I think of all the beach towns in South Florida Delray Beach is one of the top because of everything it has in its downtown.

Atlantic Ave pics-

The Colony Hotel

Atlantic Ave
The old school (now a theater)

Pineapple Grove pics-

Pineapple Grove
One of the many pieces of public art in Pineapple Grove

My favorite new construction project in Delray- Cannery Row Townhouses

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