Boston’s on the Beach (Delray Beach, Brunch, Bar, American)

The morning after the wedding the entire family went to my aunt and uncle’s (uncle officially as of the night before!) favorite breakfast place in Delray, which is Boston’s on the Beach.

Coincidentally myself, my cousins, and a couple of my aunts went went to Boston’s the night before after the wedding. The downstairs has an outside covered-patio area plus several bars and seating. Not surprisingly given the name it’s decked out in Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins and Patriots gear. I had a good time at Boston’s that night- it’s laid back, chill, a great bar to sit and have a couple drinks and hang out.

For brunch we were upstairs, which was remodeled not too long ago. They did a really nice job on the renovation. The upstairs is now completely enclosed with a lot of huge windows with views of the ocean. There is a bar area with some really cool designs (check out pics below) and then some sitting areas with couches and chairs.

The brunch menu had a number of options to pick from most with eggs and a number of different types of egg Benedict’s, but they were easily able to accommodate my little cousin’s request for something more simple (unfortunately for him no pancakes but they were able to do a cheese omelet). I got the 50 Ocean omelet which came with goat cheese, pancetta, carmelized onions, and spinach (I requested no mushrooms). I liked it a good amount. I really liked their hashbrowns, which were basically latkes and were really delicious. The egg Benedicts came in a number of different types- my sister got the classic and my cousin got the lobster. An item that a number of people got was the French toast, which did look amazing. The menu said it was encrusted in crumbled up corn flakes. It looked almost like fried chicken, but on the inside you could see it was very rich with berry compote. I head a number of things about it like “heaven on a plate” and “the best French toast I’ve ever had.” It was quite large but a lot of people finished it nonetheless. I think the picture of that one will speak for itself.

I definitely enjoyed Boston’s at brunch and as a great place to hang out and drink at night. I’ll have to check out it’s lunch/dinner menu, but it has beautiful views of the ocean and a great location on A1A just south of Atlantic so I know I’ll be coming back to Boston’s.

Views from the second floor of Boston's. Still pretty cool despite the grey.

The pretty cool countertop at the bar upstairs

An area of couches and chairs
The salmon and lox bagel
The decadent French toast (with berry compote inside)
50 Ocean Omelet (caramelized onions, spinach, goat cheese, and pancetta) with Boston's hashbrowns (that taste just like latkes)
Classic Eggs Benedict
The bar downstairs

Boston’s on the Ocean- 40 S Ocean Blvd Delray Beach, FL

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