Seagate Hotel and Beach Club (Delray Beach)

For my aunt’s wedding in Delray the entire family stayed at the Seagate Hotel, which was awesome both for all of us staying together but also for the hotel itself. The hotel is right on Atlantic Ave three blocks from the beach. It’s also just a few blocks from the main section of Atlantic Ave with all the restaurants and shops (check out my photo tour of Atlantic Ave here). The Seagate also has a beach club, which has direct beach access, a pool (there is also a pool on the property itself), and a restaurant with complimentary shuttle service between the two (although it’s not bad of a walk at all). The beach club is where the actual wedding took place.

The hotel itself is very beautiful with some awesome fish tanks throughout and cool lighting features (check out the pics below). The rooms are spacious and very nice with nice balconies and large bathrooms. The service is also really great. I felt like every time I left my room I returned to the room set-up again and the towels replaced. No joke I almost thought they kept track of when I left because they took care of everything so often. There is also complimentary car service from the valet to anywhere within 5 miles, as well as the shuttle to the beach club. The pool on the property is nice (my cousins and sisters really enjoyed swimming in it), as well as a spa.

The beach club was a beautiful place to have a wedding. The second floor area has a deck that is open to the outside with beautiful views of the ocean. The wedding was supposed to take place on the beach but due to the weather it took place inside, but it still was a beautiful place to have it. After some reconfiguration there was plenty of room for dinner, dancing, and visiting at the reception (which always was supposed to take place inside). The dinner was delicious. I heard really good things about the fish and chicken and my steak was incredible. One of the best I’ve ever had- very tender and tons of delicious flavor.

The hotel is beautiful, the location is a great midway point between the beach and the busiest stretch of Atlantic Ave but only blocks from each, and has great service so I’d definitely recommend the Seagate Hotel when staying in Delray Beach or Palm Beach County.

The Seagate Hotel

The quite large tub in the bathroom

One of several aquariums in the hotel

The Seagate Beach Club-

Lower Deck at the beach club (after being rained on)
Pool at the beach club
The kid's meal
The really delicious steak!
Picture taken the morning of the wedding
How it usually is set up as a formal restaurant

Seagate Hotel and Spa- 1000 E Atlantic Ave Delray Beach, FL

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