Needs No Catchy Tagline- Crazy About You (Brickell, International)

My friend Katie had her golden birthday yesterday and she had a birthday dinner at “Crazy About You” in Brickell. I had always heard good things about “Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita” (check out my later review of that restaurant here) and knew Crazy About You was run by the same people, but I didn’t know much more about it. Crazy About You is in the Mark building on Brickell Bay Dr right on the water. It has a hip, but cozy, vibe and it has some great views of the Bay and outdoor seating on the water. It overall was a nice atmosphere, although the music was a bit loud (although still possible to carry on conversation generally). What I really enjoyed about the menu concept (and is the same for the Dolores restaurant) is that an appetizer is included in the price of your entree and there are three categories for prices with a variety of options. Our waitress also told us that we could switch out our entree’s side for any side that came with the other entrees.

I asked our waitress to check on a few things to see if they had any wheat in them and she came back and said only one of the chicken dishes had wheat in it (besides the obvious pizza, bread, pasta dishes). What was gluten-free was their zucchini pasta, which is entirely zucchini! I had heard great recommendations for the zucchini pasta at the Dolores restaurant and definitely considered getting it here (it turns out Dolores is a “pasta” Bolognese, while Crazy About You is a “pasta” Carbonara). A quick text and promise from my friend who likes Dolores that we’d go this weekend helped make my decision easier and I held off on the zucchini pasta and instead got the Applewood-smoked short rib with white truffle mashed potatoes. For my appetizer I got the soup of the day- broccoli cheddar.

The broccoli cheddar soup was good in flavor and it was pretty thick. I almost want to say it was nacho cheese-like in texture, but I don’t want to give the wrong impression about the soup- the taste and quality was definitely not like nacho cheese at all!  The short rib was very tender with a slight crispiness- sort of a combination of the Cuban vaca frita dish and brisket. It came with a sauce on the short rib and mashed potatoes that I really liked. I struggled for a bit to figure out how to describe it- at first I wanted to describe it as almost BBQ-sauce but without the sweetness or tang and then thought to say it was like a gravy. It probably is closer to a gravy, but what I settled on to describe it’s flavor and texture is that it reminded me of the broth in a thick beef stew. The mashed potatoes were good, although I could only tell the truffle taste slightly, especially under the sauce from the short rib.

The cool thing about going for a big birthday dinner is that there were tons of appetizer and entrees to photograph. My friends similarly really looked like appetizer/entree combination. We actually took awhile to order because most people were deciding between a number of appetizers and entrees. Check out the pics below to see what they got!

UPDATE: On another visit I got the veal churrasco, as well as the huevos estrelladas (shredded potatoes, mushrooms, and white truffle oil cooked with egg) as my appetizer. The churrasco was good and flavorful and came with fries on the side. The huevos estrelladas was good and I liked the potatoes with the gooey-ness of the egg. After getting this, the ribs at the sister restaurant Dolores, and trying a friend’s zucchini pasta I definitely have to say my favorite is the short rib I got the first time here- it’s delicious!

I liked Crazy About You and want to go back to try some other combinations and sit outside on the water (there wasn’t space for 11 outside last night). I’m also excited for Dolores (hopefully this weekend) and trying their zucchini pasta!

Water side bar
View of Brickell Key from the restaurant

Cheese casserole with hint of chorizo appetizer
The broccoli cheddar soup I got as an appetizer
Ham croquettes appetizer
Spinach, goat cheese, and squash salad
Asian vegetable spring rolls appetizer
The “original” caesar salad
BLT pizza entree
Slow braised steak and portobello entree with creamy arborio rice
Applewood grilled short rib entree with truffle mashed potatoes that I got
Sweet and spicy pork entree with spinach mashed potatoes
Miso fish entree and garden vegetable fried rice
Huevos estrelladas (shredded potatoes and egg) on a later visit
Veal churrasco and fries
Chicken cotoletta (breaded chicken pounded into a thin steak)- my friend who lives in the Mark and eats her ALL the time says this is her favorite!

Crazy About You- 1155 Brickell Bay Dr Miami, FL

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