Dining in the Center of the Grove Action- Jaguar Restaurant (Latin, Coconut Grove)

It’s been a busy couple of weeks so I missed blogging about a few places a couple weeks ago. A couple Thursdays ago I went with my friend Katie to see Titanic 3-D at CocoWalk (I’ll admit it was pretty cool to see it in theaters again and remembering seeing it when I was like 9). We wanted to grab a quick bite to eat and stopped at Jaguar, which is right next to CocoWalk. We sat outside and it gives you a great view Grand Ave and of the center of the Grove, which was cool.

Jaguar styles itself as a ceviche spoon bar and latam grill. Since we were going to an early movie soon it was a quick meal before the movie so Katie got a steak salad and I got some crispy blue chicken tacos, which has some different but good seasoning I don’t remember tasting before. They were rolled tacos and came with the usual trimmings and I liked the blue corn flavor and the crispiness. Katie also liked her steak salad. Next time I’ll definitely want to try some of their steaks, probably their churrasco or picanha.

I’ve always really enjoyed the Grove and I think it’s one of the best places in Miami to eat outside because of the people watching and it has a lot of older trees and buildings and is really beautiful. There is obviously some traffic, but it feels a little bit more relaxed and quieter than eating outside in Brickell or South Beach. Jaguar has a great location right next to CocoWalk with a nice inside restaurant and some great outdoor covered seating out front on Grand Ave. When I’m in the Grove next it’s definitely a place I’ll check out for lunch or dinner and try more of their menu.

Katie's steak salad
The crispy blue corn chicken tacos with all the trimmings

Jaguar- 3067 Grand Ave Coconut Grove, FL


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