Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita (Brickell, International)

On Friday my friends and I went to dinner at Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita- very long name but a good restaurant. Dolores sits right in the middle of Brickell in what was once a Miami fire house, but a beautiful Mediterranean one at that. I’ve always admired the architecture of the restaurant and the outdoor seating areas and I had heard good things about the food. My friend really likes their zucchini pasta there and I recently went to Dolores’ sister restaurant Crazy About You and liked it (review is here) so I was looking forward to going to Dolores.

Where the long name comes from is that the upstairs is Dolores, which is strictly a restaurant with seating out on the terrace. The downstairs is Lolita which has a bar on one half and then a room with seating on the other half, plus outdoor seating. Later at night the entire first floor (Lolita) turns into a nightclub. We sat in the restaurant half of the Lolita technically since we were on the first floor, but it was the Dolores menu. It was cool because we had it to ourselves for most of our meal and it was awesome like we were just at home in a huge dining room and the decorations gave it that vibe as well.

Just like at Crazy About You there are three price points with a variety of entree options and the price includes one of their appetizers. I had been planning to get the zucchini pasta from my friend’s recommendation but our other friend took awhile to get ready and I was starving so I decided to go for something more substantial. I got the BBQ ribs, which were super tender fall-off-the-bone, and came with shoestring french fries. I liked the sauce on the ribs because it wasn’t too tangy or sweet, but more subtle and complementary. For my appetizer I got their spinach salad, which was delicious and one of my favorite salads I’ve tried. It came with a toasted sesame dressing, strawberries, and queso fresco. I’ve always been more of a ranch, caesar kind of guy but the toasted sesame was good and was perfect for a spinach salad. The combination with the sweet strawberries and slightly-salty cheese was awesome and I definitely wanted more.

My friend got the zucchini pasta again and I had a bite. It was an interesting texture for “pasta” (it’s entirely zucchini no flour) but you couldn’t really taste the zucchini at all even after red sauce and cheese was gone and it was good. Note: the zucchini pasta at Dolores is a “pasta’ Bolognese, while at Crazy About You it’s “pasta” Carbonara. My other friend got the short ribs, which I’d gotten before at Crazy About You and they again were delicious. I had a couple bites and they were super tender and had great flavor from the sauce. She also got the santorini salad, which came with arugula and watermelon and she really liked it. Dolores (and Crazy About You) has a great deal for wine- $14 for a bottle of their house wine- so we got one (okay two) of the house chardonnay.

I plan to come back and hopefully will sit upstairs on the terrace because it looks really nice and overlooks Miami Ave and Mary Brickell Village. I definitely will be getting the short ribs again (either at Dolores or Crazy About You) but there were a couple other things I want to try as well. I could see Dolores becoming another one of my Brickell go-to spots and if you’re in the area looking for a nice but affordable place to have dinner you should definitely check it out!

Downstairs dining room with the outdoor seating seen through the windows
Had the room to ourself for most of the meal!

Dolores has a really wine bottle deal- $14 for a bottle of the house wine
The spinach salad with queso fresco and strawberries
Santorini salad with arugula and watermelon
BBQ ribs and shoestring potatoes
Zucchini pasta (no flour just zucchini)
Applewood smoked short rib with truffle mashed potatoes

Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita- 1000 S Miami Ave Miami, FL

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