Summers in Philly

Last summer and this upcoming summer I was in Philly for work for six weeks. I really came to love the city of Philadelphia and am looking forward to being back this summer. It has tons of great history and cool architecture. It’s a city I love to just start walking and see where I end up and I always have found some really cool places. It also has a tons of restaurants to discover and a lot of cool neighborhoods. In that regards it reminds me of Portland in where a lot of restaurants and shops have opened up in neighborhood centers and usually are pretty alternative/hip.

I was back for a conference two weekends ago, but unfortunately didn’t get a chance to explore the city itself much. Below are the four pics I snapped plus some of my favorites from last year. Excited for the summer and pretty soon will be compiling a Philly summer bucket list for my time there!

Four pics from that conference weekend with my iPhone:

Photos from last summer-

Collection of some of the impressive architecture in Center City
City Hall from Broad Street- considered one of the finest examples of Second Empire architecture. Or so I've read.

One of my most favorite buildings in Philly- the Masonic Temple
One of my discoveries when I just started walking

Elfreth's Alley- our nation's oldest residential street
Society Hill

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