Brazilian Quick-Serve Giraffas in Midtown

The other day I was walking in Midtown and saw a sign for the grand opening of Giraffas, serving Brazilian steaks and burgers and it piqued my interest. It’s a Brazilian chain with over 350 locations in Brazil that just expanded to the U.S. first in North Miami and now Midtown. Later in the week before a meeting in Midtown a friend and I decided to check it out for an early dinner. I liked the atmosphere when we walked in- pretty bright in terms of light and color, nice seating, and not too loud of music. It’s quick-serve and you order up at the counter and then your food is brought to you at your table.

On the menu are a variety of steaks that come with your choice of three sides (White rice, brown rice, black beans, Brazilian Farofa*, grilled veggies, mashed potatoes, fries, haricots, quinoa or small salad), as well as many burgers, pasta, salads, and chicken and fish dishes.

I got the Picanha steak with Chimi churri with brown rice, beans, and french fries and my friend got the same except he got the sliced Picanha steak and white rice. My steak was fine although I usually prefer a thinner, more tender steak like a Churrasco (so I’ll probably try the sliced Picanha steak my friend got) and I thought it could use more flavor (although you can choose different sauces to go on it so I might try a different sauce next time). I absolutely love black beans and rice so I was very happy with that. I really liked how quick and cheap the food was given the quality so I will definitely be back to maybe try one of their other steaks or try their burgers (the regular come with choice of two sides including various cheeses, egg, etc and one sauce or their classic burgers like a filet mignon burger).

Picanha steak with brown rice, black beans, and french fries.
Sliced picanha with white rice, beans, and french fries

Giraffas- 3401 N Miami Ave #106 (this is the address that keeps coming up for it, but it’s not actually on Miami Ave it’s on Buena Vista Ave across from Lime and Hurricane Grill. 3401 Miami Ave is probably the address for the entire Midtown complex) 


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