Miami Metromover (Downtown “People Mover”)

South Florida is quite obviously built for driving and even with acknowledging this fact I would say public transportation in Miami still falls in somewhere in the middle. One somewhat bright side is the Metromover, described as a “people mover” and similar to a monorail, that runs between Brickell, Downtown, and Omni. The positives are that it’s free and comes pretty often (every five minutes or so) and can get you to a lot of places in the center Miami area. Some downsides are that they run in loops so it can take a bit longer to get from say Brickell to Omni because of transferring and it doesn’t run after midnight usually. Overall it’s a nice amenity to take advantage of though if you live or are visiting the center of Miami, especially if you need to go only a couple stops or are by yourself and don’t want to take a cab.

The main downtown loop (Inner Loop) runs roughly east along the Miami River to Biscayne and NE 2nd Ave north then to 5th St west to NW 1st St and then back south to the Miami River. Important stops along the way include Miami-Dade College, the Government Center (with transfer to the Metrorail), the Knight Center, Bayfront Park, and Bayside. The Omni and Brickell loops also run around this loop and you can transfer at most of these stops to the other loops. After the Omni loop separates its main stops are the Freedom Tower (close to American Airlines Arena), the Adrienne Arsht Center, and the School Board, as well as a few other stops in between. The Brickell Loop makes stops at 5th St, 8th St, and 10th St (on the east side of Mary Brickell Village), as well as a main Brickell Station (on the west side of Mary Brickell Village and a connection to the Metrorail) and the Financial District (down near 14th and Brickell Ave).

If you live in center Miami (Downtown, Brickell, and the south edge of Omni) or are visiting check out the Metromover website to see if it could be an easy and somewhat quick way to get to your destination for free!

Steps to Omni Metromover stop
Elevated Omni stop
There are a lot of great views from both the stations and the Metromover itself
Metromover train

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