Great Cuban (and Latin) Food Cheat Sheet + More Info

If you’re new or visiting Miami there is going to be tons of incredible food from all the Latin cultures to try and they range from Cuban steaks to Colombian arepas to Peruvian fried rice and lomo saltado (stir-fried beef with french fries and veggies on a bed of white rice- sounds odd but it is delicious). Some restaurants will provide a translation or more in-depth description of the different dishes, but not always, plus that description might not give you a good idea of what it actually is.

A really cool website I like with a great Cuban restaurant glossary (which carries over into a lot of the other Latin cultures), along with tons of other great resources, is 3 Guys From Miami. They have tons of words on there including ones I knew before Miami like yuca and tamales, ones I’ve picked up like arepa, tres leches, maduros, and ones I still need help remembering or still need to discover (and there are a lot in the last category).

Some other great resources they have are a guide to Little Havana, a list of the best Cuban restaurants in Miami, and other informational guides like for Cuban snacks. I definitely plan on using more of these other resources with crafting more Bucket List items related to Calle Ocho and Cuban culture.

This should definitely be your one stop for help with Cuban/Latin menus and to get your appetite going!

Link to the Cuban restaurant glossary-

General website-

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