Chilling Comfortably in Coconut Grove- Taurus Another Round (Bar, American)

Tonight on our way home from adventures down south we drove through the Grove and decided to stop for dinner. I had seen Taurus Another Round before and it looked like a place I wanted to check out- in a converted house right on Old Main Highway with some comfortable looking outdoor seating. We decided to check it out for dinner. What I was surprised to find that it’s more bar than restaurant, but still has a menu and good food.

I got a burger with cheese and bacon and Jess got a breaded chicken burger, both which came with fries. The burger was solid and Jess really liked her chicken burger. I wanted to post about it less as a restaurant, but as a bar because I really liked its vibe and its hard to find chill and laidback bars in Miami. The Grove has a number of fun bars where you can just go and get drinks with friends and hang out, without having loud music or needing to dance.

Taurus has the bar on one side of the room with high 2 person-table seating along the front wall. The other half is a number of couches with TVs. Outside in front along Main Highway there are also several outdoor couches, chairs, and tables. There was a back door that was open but I forgot to look out when we passed by to see if there’s additional seating outside, but that kind of what it looked like.

I always say I want to check out the Grove more and I am going to try and keep that promise. I’ll definitely be checking out Taurus later at night to see how it is and I’d recommend it for people looking to grab a few drinks with friends and be able to relax and enjoy themselves.

Lounge area on one half of the bar
Standard bacon cheeseburger and fries
Breaded chicken burger

Taurus Another Round- 3540 Main Highway Coconut Grove, FL

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