Office Supplies of a Delicious Flavor: The Office (Delray Beach, American)

On Thursday I drove my aunt and uncle up to Delray Beach from the airport and we got dinner afterwards before I headed back to Miami. We considered doing Max’s Harvest, one of my favorite restaurants in Delray (check out my post on it here), but along the way we saw The Office on Atlantic Ave, which we had never been to but had wanted to check out. The place has always been packed when going by so that tends to be a sign of a great place to check out, especially now that a lot of tourists aren’t around.

The office theme is carried very well into many aspects of the restaurant from the decor and menu items to the napkin holders that look like mail letters. They also have chairs that my aunt calls “butt chairs” that drew our attention to the restaurant in the first place. The front wall of The Office opens up onto Atlantic Ave, which is one of my favorite things about Florida restaurants, and also has outdoor seating. Thursday was one of the days with the torrential downpour, but it actually was cool to sit just inside and be dry while the rain came down.

The menu has a lot of options, especially for appetizers and cocktails. We ended up getting a lot of appetizers, called “office supplies”, to share before and during the meal. We got truffled deviled eggs, grown up tator tots, black popcorn with truffle oil, and some pretzel bread. The deviled eggs were really good with a lot of flavor and creaminess and I like that you could really taste the truffle oil. The grown up tator tots were large potato poppers stuffed with cheese and bacon. I love potatoes, cheese, and bacon so I definitely liked them. The black popcorn was also really delicious. I loved that the truffle oil on them gave it some great salty flavor that complemented the popcorn. I obviously couldn’t have the pretzel bread, but my aunt and uncle enjoyed it.

For our meals I got a beef brisket burger as well as some Mexican soup, my aunt ordered a Vinegar Maker’s salad, and my uncle got a chicken salad. I liked my beef brisket burger, although I accidently didn’t order it with cheese. It had good, high quality beef flavor. The fries that came on the side were good too- they had a really crispy flavor but not too crispy a texture. The Mexican soup came with corn, chilies, chickpeas, and tender pieces of shredded beef and pork. It was a hearty soup with all those ingredients and very savory with a subdued flavor I liked. My aunt’s Vinegar Maker’s salad unfortunately was not good because the lettuce was old and wilted, although she said the other vegetables were very fresh. She had some of my uncle’s salad, which she thought was excellent and he liked it too. The chicken was shredded instead of just sliced. I had a bite and it was the perfect balance of creamy dressing to give it flavor and moisture, but not make it soggy. It was also nice to have the whole green beans in there for added textures and fullness.

Overall I enjoyed The Office and am glad we stopped there for dinner. I think one of their best things is the number of different appetizer’s/”office supplies” that they have, as well as a large number of salads and burgers/sandwiches. They also have a number of good looking entrees I’ll want to try next time like skirt steak and the short ribs. For American fare with many diverse options check out The Office if you’re in Delray Beach on Atlantic Ave.

Great outdoor seating and indoor seating open to the outside. Still enjoyable in the torrential downpour occurring all of Thursday.

One of my favorite office-themed decorative features in the restaurant
The napkin holders look like mail letters
The “butt seats”
The grown up tator tots
Truffled deviled eggs
Mexican soup
Black popcorn with truffle oil
Pretzel bread
Beef brisket burger and fries
Chicken Salad

The Office- 201 E Atlantic Ave Delray Beach, FL

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