More To Love About Wynwood- Jimmy’z Kitchen (Latin)

As I drove through Wynwood on my way to meet a friend for dinner before a meeting I realized how much I love this part of Miami. My friend after dinner said he felt like it could become the Brooklyn of Miami and I could see that. I love the art work and murals, the laid back and unique restaurants and bars throughout, the industrial feel of converted industrial buildings and warehouses- it’s a really cool place to relax and enjoy with a lot of potential.

My friend James introduced me to Jimmy’z Kitchen awhile ago and I still have tons on the menu to try (not to mention all the daily specials there are). The restaurant is very airy and light with a whole wall of windows that face Miami Ave, as well as have outdoor seating. You order up at the counter and the food is brought to you so it’s pretty relaxed. Above the counter is a big menu of their fixed items. To your right is a bunch of chalkboards with tons of daily specials.

The regular menu has tons of different paninis, sandwiches and salads, as well as a number of chicken, steak, and fish entrees (as well as a beef stew I’ve been meaning to try but always get distracted by something else on the menu!). They also are supposedly famous for their mofongos, which is a green plantain dish (usually mashed) that is stewed in a broth and chicken, beef, or seafood is usually added. My friend James really liked it when he got it but I still have to check it out. The chalkboards of daily specials have a number of dishes including different fish dishes, specialty mofongos, and dishes like filet mignon.

I got the steak frites, which came with a side salad and cottage potatoes. The steak was tender and juicy and has some solid steak flavor with a slight sense of seasoning. It came with some steak butter on top for some extra flavor.  I really enjoyed the cottage potatoes for basically being basic potato circles. Even though it didn’t have any sauce or a lot of seasoning it had a delicious, slightly fried (I’m guessing) flavor to it. My friend got the club panini, which he said was really good, as well as the cottage potatoes.

There are still a number of dishes I’d like to try, especially one of the mofongos and the beef stew and not including any daily specials that come up. If you’re looking for a relaxed and easy place to get some good Latin food, with a lot of variety, check out Jimmy’z Kitchen in Wynwood.

Side salad that came with my steak
Steak frites with cottage potatoes
Club panini and cottage potatoes

Jimmy’z Kitchen- 2700 N Miami Ave Miami, FL (also has an original South Beach location at 1542 Alton Road Miami Beach, FL)

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