Transported to Spain- Rincon Escondido (Midtown/Omni, Spanish, Tapas)

Rincon Escondido had been on my radar the last month or so after reading about it somewhere online (possibly or Miami New Times) and a teacher at school later mentioned it as an awesome place to go near where I lived. Last night for dinner a friend and I checked it out and it was great experience- food and atmosphere-wise.

The big thing we noticed was what an authentic atmosphere it had- we really felt like we could be in Spain. It was really cool with a lot of postcards and pictures pasted on the walls and beams, faded wood walls, and a variety of colorful chairs, tables, and cabinets. There also were a lot of food and Spanish products on the shelves and display cases that made it seem like a Spanish neighborhood restaurant/deli.

The menu has a lot of cold and hot tapas, as well as a number of salads and larger entrees. I need to work a lot on my Spanish pronunciation, but it was pretty easy to order and point to the menu to save some embarrassment. I went with two tapas that interested me (although there were several) and this filled me up pretty well, although I could have ordered a third one. I got the the tortilla de patatas (not like corn tortillas though!), which is egg, potato, and onions all chopped up super finely (I’m assuming) and then made into a fluffy dish similar to a quiche, but still quite unique. It came with some crema fresca (like sour cream) on top. It was delicious. There was a mix of potato and onion, with some egg, flavor and I really liked the fluffy texture with the creaminess of the creme fresca. I also got the chistorra sausage that came in a apple cider sauce. Our waiter recommended this over the chorizo because he said it was a bit sweeter. I really liked the slight spice and sweetness together. Both were really good and I’ll definitely get them again after I make the rounds of a few more choices. Check out the pictures below for a better idea of what the dishes are like.

My friend Krystyna got the frisee salad that came with goat cheese, olives, apples, candied walnuts, as well as bombas de queso (fried goat cheese balls with orange blossom honey). I had a bite of the salad and the olives were really good and I really liked the salad with the sweetness of the goat cheese and candied walnuts. The bombas de queso looked like they were fried in flour so I didn’t try them, but Krystyna liked them and they looked really delicious with the orange blossom honey.

There’s a lot more to try on the menu and the atmosphere was great so I’ll be back. I think it will be a great place to bring visitors from out of town who want a culinary experience they can’t get elsewhere as easily. If you want to have a lot of variety of Spanish tapas with a great atmosphere Rincon Escondido is highly recommended!

An unassuming front on Biscayne to a pretty cool restaurant
The cool bottle our water came in
Color chairs and cabinets full of Spanish products that really made you feel like you were in Spain

Tortilla de Patatas
Chistorra sausage
Frisee Salad
Bombas de Queso

Rincon Escondido- 2697 Biscayne Blvd Miami, FL 

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