CLOSED: A Refreshing and Sweet Break- Yogurbella (Midtown, Frozen Yogurt)

Yogurbella has closed but it’s been replaced by a Pinkberry so at least Midtown isn’t lacking in Fro-Yo!

The other night I was really craving something sweet and I don’t usually have anything like that stocked up at home. My friend is obsessed with frozen yogurt and Yogurbella in Midtown so I went with her to get some. I like frozen yogurt but generally considered myself a bigger gelato (definitely my favorite) and ice cream fan. Since there aren’t any gelato or ice cream shops it seemed like Yogurbella was a good place to go to take care of that craving.

Yogurbella is a self-serve frozen yogurt store and also to me seems more “healthy/organic” than frozen yogurt you’d find at a place like TCBY (or the Sub Shop in Eugene!). You start with a big bowl and fill it up with Fro-Yo first. They have a number of sweet flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and cookie dough, as well as fruity flavors like passionfruit and strawberry. They then have a large “buffet” of toppings ranging from candy to fruit to nuts that you put on to your liking. You then pay based on the weight.

I definitely was in a sweet mood so I went with vanilla and planned to put toppings on that, but strawberry also caught my eye so I did half and half. I then scooped crumbled Butterfinger and Reece’s Pieces on the vanilla side. I was happy with my choice, as well as impressed with Yogurbella’s flavors. The reason I tend to like gelato and ice cream better is that some frozen yogurt I try (especially the kind that tries to be more “organic/natural”) is too tart to me, when I’m usually craving something sweeter when I get gelato/ice cream/Fro-Yo. Yogurbella’s vanilla was definitely sweet enough for me and went well with the toppings. I also think I like the texture of frozen yogurt a bit better than ice cream (although not over the creaminess gelato, my favorite!). What I was really happy with was the strawberry- it was more tart than sweet, which I think is perfect for strawberry compared to how sweet it usually is for ice cream. I think the fruit flavors will be really great when you want something refreshing and light, while the vanilla, chocolate, etc flavors still take care of that sweet craving.

My friend Krystyna got coconut and cookie dough. I haven’t usually been a coconut flavor fan, but recently it’s grown on me when it’s more subtle (like with some gluten-free cupcakes I’ve found) so I’ll have to check that out, as well as their chocolate, pistachio, and other fruit flavors.

Update: On a later visit I got coconut and pistachio with some toppings on the coconut. I liked the coconut- it wasn’t too sweet and didn’t have an overpowering coconut flavor, but it wasn’t the best to having toppings on, especially compared to vanilla or chocolate. The pistachio wasn’t very sweet at all so if you’re looking for something not sweet, but not fruity you might check that out, although I probably won’t get it again.

If you’re in the Omni/Midtown area where we are greatly lacking in ice cream/gelato/frozen yogurt stores check out Yogurbella in Midtown near Target for a sweet, refreshing treat!

First you fill up your bowl (only comes in big size haha) with Fro-yo from a number of choices
Then you pick from the “buffet” of toppings
My finished design- half strawberry, half vanilla with Reece’s Pieces and Butterfinger
Half coconut, half pistachio with some toppings on the coconut.

Yogurbella (address is listed as 3401 N. Miami Ave, Suite 122 Miami, FL but it’s on the other side of the Shops at Midtown on Buena Vista Ave near Five Guys and Marshalls)

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