Finally an awesome waterside chill bar in Miami- Monty’s (Coconut Grove, Bar, Seafood)

Last night my friends decided to go to the Grove for Happy Hour, which I was really happy about because as several recent posts have alluded to I love the Grove and don’t go their often enough! I thought we were heading to one of the bars near CocoWalk like Sandbar or Mr. Moe’s, but we ended up going to Monty’s right on the water on Bayshore Dr.

I have driven by Monty’s a lot and heard good things about it- as a good seafood restaurant. I’ve also been to Scotty’s, which is close by and kind of your standard waterside dive bar. I thought Monty’s was an unusual place for Happy Hour but that’s because I really had no idea all that was there and have to say it is awesome! Monty’s is a seafood restaurant along the marina and has a nice sit-down area to it, but then also has a massive covered Tiki hut-like bar area right on the water with several bars, a dance floor, and a lot of tables. This is really for a long time what I’ve been looking for in Miami- relaxed, chill place to drink with friends on the water. There are several restaurants in Miami that are on the water, especially on the river, plus a few bars like Finnegan’s, but Monty’s is just that type of place you’d imagine being in when you think of tropical Florida. I’ve found that in Broward and Palm Beach counties, but not too much in Miami and I’m stoked that I now have Monty’s on my go-to list. Definitely a place I’d want to bring friends when they visit for Happy Hour to get that tropical/South Florida vibe.

Their Happy Hour was decent- their specialty drink was called a PK3 (painkiller) of rum and pineapple juice plus more for about $7 each with tip from 4-8. We thought it might clear out after Happy Hour, but that was not the case and it stayed busy, although it was easier to get a table after Happy Hour was over (during it was packed!).

It was awesome being on the water, hanging out, relaxing, and drinking without a lot of loud music or a club vibe so I am really excited to head back to Monty’s for Happy Hour, hopefully often. The Grove is also a great place to go out to dinner afterwards (we did a quick Cheesecake Factory stop afterwards and check out some other posts on restaurants in the Grove here) or go out to bars like Sandbar and Mr. Moe’s. If you’re looking for a waterside Happy Hour that’s relaxed and a great place to just hang out with your friends and drink then definitely discover Monty’s.

Location right on the Dinner Key Marina
The open/bar area stretches back quite awhiles
A huge round of PK3’s for our group
PK3 (painkiller)- rum and pineapple juice

Monty’s Raw Bar- 2250 S Bayshore Dr Coconut Grove, FL

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