Experiencing Miami’s Other Half- Boating on the Water

Miami is full of and surrounded by water. From the Miami river and multiple canals and lakes to Biscayne Bay and the ocean there is tons of it! I’ve been really lucky to have the chance to go boating on people’s boats a number of times since moving to Miami. Yesterday though my friend organized a trip on a charter catamaran for her birthday and that’s a great way to get out on the water in Miami if you don’t own a boat or know someone that has one. It was a really fun trip on the water and appropriate since I was nostalgic for my college/fraternity’s yearly trip to Lake Shasta in Northern California before Memorial Day and jealous of all my younger fraternity brothers who are there this weekend. This was a small consolation prize……

Boating allows you to get some of the best views of Miami and Miami Beach. There are stunning panoramics of the skylines of Miami and Miami Beach, you get up close to a lot of beautiful homes and buildings on along the shoreline, there are a little cool islands in the Bay to see and explore, plus you get a great chance to see dolphins and manatees and other wildlife up close. The ocean and bay is also great to go swimming in when you get a bit farther out in the water and it’s awesome to anchor close to a sandbar, because that’s one of the best places to party in Miami.

The trip on the catamaran Tranquility was about three hours. It left from one of the docks at Bayside Marketplace and we traveled along downtown Miami before crossing under the Rickenbacker Causeway and sailing along Key Biscayne. We anchored next to a sandbar opposite UM’s marine campus and they had water trampolines, kayaks, and floaties to play in the water. After about an hour and a half in the water we came back near Dodge Island and Fisher Island. Along the way we got great views of downtown Miami and saw a number of dolphins, plus had a little rain party when it started to rain on our way back. The cost of the boat included water, soda, and some snacks and it was fine to BYOB for alcohol (plus they had beer for sale). They also have different packages that can include alcohol in the cost and the company also has larger boats for larger groups. Check out their website for more details- Florida Sailing Charters.

Another awesome place to rent a boat (for a good cause and cheaper) is Shake-A-Leg Miami. I volunteered there a day a couple months ago and love the program. It was originally started in Boston and is a program designed to help those with disabilities be active in and on the water. A few of the ways they raise money is hosting summer camps on several of their islands off the Grove, as well as renting out a variety of sailboats and powerboats. It’s a great organization to learn more about, as well as support so if you’re thinking of renting a boat definitely look at their website- Shake A Leg!

Below are pictures from the trip, as well as pictures from when I’ve gone boating before. Whether you’re visiting Miami or live here you definitely need to experience Miami on the water either renting a boat or going on a sightseeing tour. Miami has a whole other side to it so check it out!

The ship left from Bayside Marketplace
There are tons of boats at Bayside and elsewhere in Miami to rent
Downtown Miami and Bayfront Park
Downtown Miami and part of Brickell Key

Brickell Key and Brickell
I want a boat……

Others partying on the sandbar
The sandbar (and I could almost imagine I was on Lake Shasta right here…..)
The water trampoline!

From other trips boating (when the weather was much more typical of Miami)

Far off view of the Miami skyline
Key Biscayne
Where I took my website’s cover photo!
More dolphins!

More partying on another sandbar

A boat life……

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