BBQ Down South- Harvey’s Smokehouse BBQ (Cutler Bay)

For some reason I’d been thinking about BBQ recently (it might have been the BBQ episode on GCB recently) and then I read an article in the restaurant section of the Miami New Times of Miami’s Top Ten Barbecue Restaurants. Most of the top places seemed to be outside central Miami-Dade, although one is in South Beach and another in Overtown. When I knew we were taking a trip to the zoo (see post here) I wanted to find some good restaurants for lunch since I’m rarely down there. One of the restaurants on the Top Ten list was Harvey’s Smokehouse BBQ in Cutler Bay. It’s #3 on the list, but what made me really interested was that the chef-owner wet-rubs, dry-rubs, and then smokes his meat, which the reporter says leads to fall-off-the-bone goodness.

We checked out Harvey’s after several hours at the zoo so we were definitely hungry. It’s in a strip mall along Old Cutler Road and you order from the counter and then there are three tables with chairs inside. It’s not a huge space but luckily we snagged the one empty table when we walked in. It seems most popular for take-out orders because we had a lot of people coming in to pick them up while we visit.

The menu has all the BBQ basics and there was a lot I wanted to try like the ribs, brisket, and sliced beef. I can’t remember having spareribs before as compared to the baby-back ribs a lot so I got a rack of the spareribs. Spareribs come from the belly of the big as compared to baby-back that comes from the loin of the pig. They’re much meatier than baby back ribs and this requires them to be cooked longer. I definitely liked the meatiness of the spareribs and I still found them very tender. What I enjoyed about the spareribs at Harvey’s was that the weren’t drenched in sauce and in fact were definitely on the lighter end. It gave it good sauce flavor in the first bite and then when you took a few more bites you got a better taste of the meat itself with the dry rub. I enjoy BBQ sauce (it has in fact grown on me quite a bit from when I was younger), but I enjoyed also having the dry-rub/smoked meat flavor without the sauce. I got the whole rack since they said the half-rack comes with 7 and I forgot how much meatier spareribs are supposed to be. It turned out the half-rack would have been the perfect amount, but it meant I had leftovers to take home. The ribs came with chipotle fries on the side, which were fries with some light chipotle seasoning on them.

My friend got the Sloppy Joe, which he said was really good, and he was happy that we went there to check it out.

If you’re down south in Cutler Bay (I know for many of my friends that’s really never) for some reason or perhaps to visit the Deering Estate (see post here) or the Zoo and feel like some good BBQ check out Harvey’s Smokehouse BBQ on Old Cutler Road. Also if you’re feeling super hungry or bring some friends check out the Smokehouse Sampler and Junior Sampler below 😉

The full rack of spareribs and the chipotle fries
The Sloppy Joe (with onion rings on it)


20218 Old Cuter Road Cutler Bay, FL

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