Omni Neighborhood Photography Walk

Today was absolutely gorgeous and I definitely wanted to take advantage of it and do something productive. I didn’t want to deal with the traffic of this crazy Memorial Day Weekend to go see something on my Bucket List so I decided to walk around my neighborhood and check out some buildings I’ve seen in passing, as well as see some old favorites and use my new camera. I walked along Biscayne and 2nd Ave from 21st St south to 15th when I walked just the beginning of the Venetian Causeway. I run or walk the Causeway almost every day and haven’t photographed it with my new camera, but held off walking the whole 3 miles each way for another day. I then swung through Pace Park (seriously the best part of the neighborhood) on my way back.

There is a lot to see in the Omni neighborhood. There are a lot of low-rise apartments of many different styles that use to be all over the neighborhood (and many still are) and even earlier full of many houses (some quite large), plus many places of worship of different denominations and styles. Check out what I explored below, as well as some pics from an earlier exploration when I went north of my apartment!:

My favorite “discoveries”! 

Temple Israel (137 NE 19th Ave)- 

I’ve seen this from afar and always wondered if I really was seeing what I was seeing and it’s definitely what I thought! Pretty cool!

The other part of the Temple

Villa 221 (221 NE 17th St ): 

An event venue and occasional club

Old Favorites: 

Bacardi Building (2100 Biscayne Blvd)-

These buildings used to be the headquarters for the Bacardi company but they consolidated into one building in Coral Gables a number of years ago. Built in 1963 it’s a great example of Miami Modern Architecture.
My favorite part of the complex and one of my favorite buildings in Miami- the deep rich blue designs against the white backdrop.

1607 NE 2nd Ave-

Building on 2nd Ave that has always caught my eye
I really like balconies like these
The architectural details is what drew me to the building when driving by

Trinity Cathedral (464 NE 16th St)- 

Start of the Venetian Causeway (end of 15th St)-

I want a boat even more!

The water was beautiful today!

Miami Women’s Club (1737 Bayshore Dr)

The Women’s Club was recently renovated and looks great!
Even when it was basically a gray, abandoned shell it still had some cool architecture that made me really like the building. Glad it was renovated!

Margaret Pace Park (1775 N Bayshore Dr)

View of Pace Park from the Causeway
Great way to relax in the sun right on the water
Pace Park
Tons of open space plus tennis courts, a playground, basketball court, workout machines.
Some of the public art in the park


First Church of Christ Scientist (not Scientology!) (1836 Biscayne Blvd)

Really like this stained glass
Braman Luxury Car Dealership (2060 NE 2nd Ave)

Favorites from another exploration north of my apartment. (and older camera):

Large home that used to be common along Biscayne (at 23rd St)
Residencia Jesus Maestro monastary (717 NE 27th St)
St. Francis and St. Clare Mission (402 NE 29th St)

One thought on “Omni Neighborhood Photography Walk

  1. I really like the architecture you took pictures of! It looks really amazing 😮 I would love to go there sometime, though I don’t think it will be anytime soon, haha. Thanks for posting this and I wish you luck in the future!

    ~My Blog

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