Delray’s Sightseeing Jewel- Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden (Delray Beach)

On Sunday I went up to Delray to get out of Miami and be able to relax on the beach for a few days without the craziness of Memorial Day Weekend in South Beach. One place on my bucket list that I hadn’t checked out in my time in Delray before was the Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden. I think I saw a picture of it in a magazine or on a list of hidden South Florida sights so I thought it’d be a great place to add to the list. Morikami was an awesome place to visit because it was calm and serene and had some awesome vistas to take in. I also enjoyed that it was both a garden and a museum with a lot of plants and water features to see, but also exhibits on a variety of Japanese topics.

The garden is a giant circle around a large pond where you start at the museum and make your way around. There are 25 “sights” to see along the circle and you can reference your map to learn about them or also get a more extended audio tour. There are a number of other bodies of water (other ponds, streams, waterfalls) and fountains, several rock gardens, bridges and art along the path plus tons of trees, bushes, and flowers. One of the highlights is Yamato Island, which has a Japanese house that was the original museum and has two exhibits- Japan Through The Eyes of A Child and an exhibit on the Yamato colony, which was a colony of Japanese immigrants just south of Delray. On the island there also is a Koi fish pond and Bonsai collection. The main pond I think is the best aspect of the garden because of all the great views of that and the foliage from many different points around the lake.

I’ll let the pictures tell the story of the loop. Once you return to the museum there are exhibits there, as well as a theatre. The exhibit while we were there was the incorporation of ghouls, ghosts, and goblins into Japanese culture and art (was cool to see the Pokemon reference from childhood!).

My favorite part of Morikami was the awesome scenery and vistas (check out the pics below), as well as the many locations that were very relaxing and calm. If you’re in the Palm Beach area check out Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden for a great combination of indoor and outdoor experiences. It was one of the sights in South Florida I was most excited to have seen (shown in the number of full-size photos below!)

The view right as you leave the back of the museum
The water is so calm and clear there are some great reflections throughout the entire garden

One of the rock gardens

The place of the garden whose pic on Pinterest that got me excited to visit

The Yamato house on the island

One of my favorite shots

Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden (4000 Morikami Park Road Delray Beach, FL)

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