Mediterranean Courtyard Brunch on Atlantic Ave- Boheme Bistro (Delray Beach, Mediterranean/Brunch)

Memorial Day morning after our adventures at the Morikami Gardens and in Palm Beach the previous day we woke up in Delray and went to grab breakfast with my aunt. Since it was a Monday a lot of my favorite brunch spots (Max’s and Boston’s) weren’t serving brunch or early enough. My aunt suggested Boheme Bistro on Atlantic just a couple blocks from the beach. It actually is just down from the Seagate Hotel and I’d noticed it several times walking by during the wedding weekend and other times in Delray.

It’s a cool bistro with indoor seating and huge windows facing Atlantic, as well as outdoor seating on the sidewalk and in a little courtyard on the side of the building. A lot of cool little architectural features, as well as a cool looking atmosphere walking by. My aunt described it as having a lot of rich and fresh flavors that showed the chef knows what they are doing and the food did not disappoint.

Perhaps being a bit too boring I ordered another ham and cheese omelet like I had the day before at Villa Mayfair. It came with homefries on the side and I also ordered a side of bacon. The omelet was very fluffy and my favorite part about it was that the ham and cheese seemed to be in perfect layers inside the omelet so it gave it a great flavor punch. The homefries had the right amount of seasoning to be flavorful, but still be “potatoey” and somewhat light. Jess got the Brie omelet (with tomatoes, mushroom, and spinach) which she said was such a good combination of veggies and she savored every bite. Her favorites were the homefries though! My aunt got a few of her favorites- one poached egg (which looked delicious) and some salmon on the side. The menu also included the usual pancakes and French toast, plus a lot of breakfast sandwiches and Eggs Benedict. For lunch and dinner it looks like they’re big on tapas, plus pizza, pasta, and typical steak/chicken/fish entrees if people are looking around that time.

For an easy breakfast place in Delray with a nice atmosphere and flavorful food (especially during the week) check out Boheme Bistro on Atlantic Ave.

The bistro’s courtyard on the side of the restaurant
Ham and cheese omelet plus homefries and bacon
Brie omelet (with tomatoes, mushroom, and spinach)
Poached egg and salmon

Boheme Bistro (1118 E. Atlantic Ave Delray Beach, FL)

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