Totally Worth The Drive/Can I Go Back?!- El Agave Azul (Davie, Mexican)

My friend Stacy had been raving about this Mexican restaurant up north in Davie- El Agave Azul- that she said was the best Mexican she’s had down here. I Googled it and looked at it’s menu and really wanted to go just from the menu. There were so many different fillings for the burritos and tacos that all sounded amazing I got really excited to hopefully get to try it soon! From the search it also seemed like a lot of people were raving about it (Stacy said she saw it on the Travel Channel!) so I got a feeling it was going to be awesome!

Coming back home from Delray I decided to take a short detour on the 595 and check it out. I was really glad I did because it was one of those places that afterwards I couldn’t wait to blog about it and go back for another visit!

Their menu is pretty simple with mostly tacos, burritos, tostadas, and sopes (small, thick corn tortilla) that you then have a wide range of fillings. The fillings are a couple each of chicken, beef, pork, and vegetarian plus steak. I got three different tacos- piccadillo (ground beef with potatoes and carrots), barbacoa, and frijole con chorizo (refried beans and chorizo). I also wanted to try a sopes so I got one of those with  asado de pollo (chicken in chile ancho sauce). The sopes reminded me of a thicker, but lighter, tostada (almost tostones texture) and was cool to try. All the fillings were delicious and each were savory and wholesome and four was filling but not too much. They all came with lettuce, sour cream, cheese, and pico de gallo, which added more great flavors. Before I tried them I thought I’d love the chorizo and it was very good, but I loved how authentic and savory the asado de pollo was and the barbarcoa was really great too!

Jess got the carne asada burrito and we both agreed it was the best Mexican we’ve had in Florida and rivals some of our favorite places back in Cali! I cannot wait to get back and am totally down to take the drive up to Davie to go have some again. There are so many more flavors I want to try, as well as have some old favorites. If you’re looking for some delicious Mexican food you have to check out El Agave Azul!

The tacos (so good!!!!)
The chicken sopes

El Agave Azul- 13040 West State Road 84 Davie, FL

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